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Women in 3D Printing Meetup Recap

Posted By Christina Chun on Nov 20, 2014 | 0 comments

Hey everyone! Christina here, reporting almost a week later about our awesome Women in 3D Printing Meetup which was held on Thursday November 13th, 2014 at the CapitalOne 360 building in downtown San Francisco.

To get the meetup started, we settled downstairs in the CapitalOne 360 building and luckily there was plenty of room for us ladies to gather and convene. It seems almost fitting that the music they were playing over the loudspeaker when we all sat down was ‘Independent Women’ by Destiny’s Child but they quickly turned that off.

To start things off, we quickly got to know each other by introducing ourselves. We had a lot of ladies from many different industries from video games & film, architecture, jewelry, and product design to name a few. One thing was for certain, everyone was interested in the possibilities that 3D printing could bring! There were a lot of questions about different materials and 3d printing processes as well as general conversation about design. We brought many 3D printed items to show the different things you could do with 3D printing and others in the meetup brought their own 3D printed creations to share as well.

Thanks to all the ladies who came to our first meetup! It was quite a fun time to chat with all of you. Hope to see everyone again at the next meetup as well as new faces! Be sure to join our 3D Printing in San Francisco by Sculpteo group on Meetup so you don’t miss our events!

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