Additive Manufacturing Vocabulary Test: Will you Pass?

Do you speak properly about additive manufacturing? Take the 3D printing quiz!

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Dear reader. Congrats, you’re interest in 3D printing, you might even be an expert of the field … but are you absolutely sure to use the right words? At Sculpteo we are 100% sure that we don’t! So we created this 3D printing quiz to let you check how skilled you are when it comes to talking about 3D printing… oups additive manufacturing.


Several international organizations have published the appropriate vocabulary since 2011.The French normalization agency AFNOR have created the NF E67-001 norm in October 2011. In 2012, ATSM have realased ASTM F2792-12a Standard Terminology for Additive Manufacturing Technology and other standards about the process of additive manufacturing. And in 2013 a special directory was created at ISO about additive manufacturing : the ISO TC/ 261 which produced different standards about termonology, process, materials and file format.

Go back to school for 5 minutes, and take this short quiz about Additive Manufacturing. Happy testing!!

Additive manufacturing terminology quiz

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