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Let’s 3D print together in the Louvre museum!

Posted By Sculpteo on Dec 15, 2014 | 0 comments

We dreamed about it… Fleur Pellerin, the French Culture Minister is doing it! Next week, from Wednesday 17th until Friday December 19th, for the occasion of “Tous à l’oeuvre” event, the prestigious Musée du Louvre  is hosting a 3D scan and 3D printing workshop! Come and join us!

“Tous à l’oeuvre” is a new event for museums organized for the first time by the French Culture and Communication Ministry this year. The idea of “Tous à l’oeuvre” (i.e. ‘everyone at work’) is to offer a casual occasion for people to visit the museum and to develop participative culture. The Digital workshops are conceived to help visitors to interpret and create new stuff based on the Louvre collection. This year, the Musée du Louvre – the most famous museum in France – is hosting the first edition of these Digital workshops to learn about 3D modeling and 3D printing.


Explore, learn and share are the keywords of these 3 days. Children, students, seniors and tourists are invited to be surprised and discover a new way to  visit the museum. Next week the Louvre museum will give us access to some masterpieces that we can scan or photograph in order to create a digital sketch. These digital sketches will be used to create a 3D model or a 3D print in a collaborative space set up in Hall Charles V in the Carrousel du Louvre (map here).

Louvre - Hall Charles V


The 300 m² collaborative space will provide  computers, 3D scanners, 3D printers,  tablets but also Lego bricks and modeling clay for the youngest. The collaborative space is open to all from 10.00 am until 10.00 pm! However, it’s strongly recommended to book in advance if you want to join a visit or a dedicated workshop.

Every model scanned or created during thess 3 days will be under a Creative Commons licence and will be shared on a dedicated platform in order to let anyone co-create and use the digital material in the spirit of collaborative culture.

Meanwhile, dear designers, you are invited to share your own 3D model related to the Louvre museum and its collection. The collaborative platform is still in progress but meanwhile you can already send your 3D files to creationnumerique@culture.gouv.fr

Need inspiration? Have a look at Paul Marx’s shop, you will find beautiful replicas, some of them based on french sculptures.


IP protection is often presented as an obstacle to  3D scanning and 3D printing democratization. France, where the cultural tradition is very strong, has not always been seen as the most progressive country in this matter. But many initiatives have already taken place in Musée Rodin or at the Cité de l’Architecture which show how this has been changing in recent years, as you may have seen on our blog.

At Sculpteo we look forward to this event and are delighted to support it by bringing 3D printers and some cool 3D prints. We hope to see you there!



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