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Amplifying Christmas tunes with this 3D printed iPhone case

Posted By Arthur Cassaignau on Dec 23, 2014 | 2 comments

We’ll have been there, you want to show the funniest video you’ve ever seen on Youtube and impress your friends, but for that you need to make everybody in the room stop speaking! X4LD has put some thought into it and used its lengthy experience in acoustics to develop a new kind of passive 3D printed sound amplifiers for iPhone. We had the chance to meet up with the lead designer, Ray who told us about his experience with 3D printing and Sculpteo.


The engineers behind XL4D have decades of sound engineering experience behind them. Having created custom speaker enclosures, bass reinforcement resonators, and P.A. systems and they are now turning their attention to enhancing cell phone cases acoustically. Their line of 3D printed acoustic cases and stands for cell phones are designed to enhance the sound from the integrated phone speakers and are 3D printed to order by Sculpteo.


Ray, one of the team’s designers, explains the steering force behind the project, “Better sound for the iPhone was the driving goal. To make the most out of a mono speaker. We design our products for audiophiles and people who appreciate quality sound.”

X4LD is one of the few business that utilizes a multitude of Sculpteo’s services. The first (and most obvious) is the professional-grade manufacturing processes. Each of X4LD’s cases are printed in the plastic nylon material, which is ideal for carrying sound and protecting electronics.


Ray went on to describe some of the other benefits that the material provides, “The complexity of most acoustic driven designs far exceed the capabilities of what can be done through traditional injection molding manufacturing.”

microamp 4

The company also integrates Sculpteo’s API into their website, making for easy and quick purchases. There are multiple API integrations possible through Sculpteo – X4LD uses one of the most manageable. At the bottom of their website, you’ll notice an array of their 3D printable objects. From there, choosing and printing an object is as easy as a click. Anyone can make this type of gallery integration into their website with relative ease using the Sculpteo API.

X4LD_tonestand 5_6

Lastly the company utilizes one of the benefits provided not only through Sculpteo but through the process of 3D printing. As each of the products is made to order, they are able to ‘brand’ each of their phone cases to the customer’s needs. Want to put your company’s name on the back of the case? No problem. The product and the process make for loud and effective marketing strategies.



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