Tips on how to clean your personal gallery on Sculpteo

New-year resolution tips: how to clean your personal gallery on

Posted By on Dec 31, 2014 |

Managing your personal gallery of 3D designs on is easy. We provide automatic organization tools that make setting tweaks or deletions as easy as a few clicks. Let’s start 2015 with a fresh and good-looking gallery!

Each Sculpteo user has a personal gallery called ‘Your objects’.  You can see it on the home page if you are already logged into your account. Otherwise, you will need to register and then connect to your account.

On average, a Sculpteo user owns 40 designs in their personal gallery. But some of us own more than 1,000!  It’s no surprise when you are prototyping: you can upload 5, 10 or 20 updated versions during your iteration process.

That’s why we decided to offer an organization by default of your objects gallery, easily accessible through tabs. We split the models into a list based on filters:

  • all (no filter)
  • my uploads i.e. the designs whom you are the author
  • my public designs i.e. the models that can been seen by other people
  • my orders i.e. the designs that you have already ordered
  • 3D printed i.e. the designs that have already been 3D-printed successfully (which is usually less than the count in ‘My orders’ tab since some designs may have been rejected)

Below is an example on the account of Marine, the Sculpteo CMO (who is not the biggest uploader on by the way!)



She uses mainly ‘My uploads’ and  ‘My orders’ tabs but her favorite feature is the search tab. It’s not very hard to imagine why!

We would definitively advise her to clean her personal gallery a little bit and delete some useless designs, it’s also very easy to do:

  1. select the design or the version of the design that you want to delete by clicking on the thumbnail of the original design
  2. Press on the arrow icon on the top right corner of the thumbnail
    myobjects2 personal gallery on sculpteo
  3. Select delete

myobjects3 personal gallery on sculpteo


It’s done!

Happy new year and happy cleaning!! 😉


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