Sculpteo's Could Engine makes integration become easy!

Cloud Engine integration made easy

Posted By on Jan 14, 2015 |

Sculpteo has made it easier than ever to integrate your site with Sculpteo’s Cloud Engine API — but you may be wondering, what’s it all about?

Sculpteo’s Cloud Engine allows business owners and webmasters the ability to integrate the entire Sculpteo platform onto their website. Whether it’s uploading 3D designs, selling 3D objects, displaying 3D designs, or even integrating an entire 3D printing shopping experience onto your site – its not only possible, but it’s been made easy with our new Cloud Integration pages.

All of the integrate-able parts of our API are available ‘White Label’ – such that you can integrate your own CSS according to your site’s or business’s scheme. The level of integration is completely up to you – if you’d like a simple integration, we have iFrames which can be created and integrated with a copy and paste. More in depth integrations can be accomplished with a bit of development, while extremely in depth integrations might require some development on our part – but for that we’re here to help! Feel free to get in contact with us.

Many types of integrations are possible, and we’ve got the examples to prove it. One of our biggest in the last year was with Amazon. Working in tandem with some of our dedicated 3D designers, Amazon launched a 3D section to their services where you’re able to choose a product and then customize the color and size of it to your discretion. You might not realize just by looking at it but the color choosing option is based off of Sculpteo’s API!

Another type of integration is possible in applications and software, such as Photoshop CC. Without ever leaving Photoshop, 3D designers are able to print their 3D models. By simply going to File -> 3D Print, you’ll find the option of printing through Sculpteo’s services. That type of integration has also been put together with Autodesk’s Meshmixer.

But those are some of the more complex integrations we’ve accomplished with the help of Sculpteo’s computer engineering team – rest assured you need no professional coders to get your project put together! Less extensive integrations include projects like or Printable Geography — but all that information is on the cloud pages themselves!

There’s a Cloud Engine solution out there for everyone. It’s just a matter of getting your idea out there!

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