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Keep it spinning with Knuckies

Posted By on Jan 21, 2015 |

There is a crisis at hand. While you were reading this, over two thousand people simultaneously dropped their phones. They all gasped, they all tried to catch it and they all now have shards of glass in their pockets. No more! If you are a phone klutz, this is your calling! With Knuckies, you can avoid slow motion dive catches for the rest of your life!


With each day, 3D printing is being increasingly used to solve the world’s greatest challenges. Michael Diaz, a graphic designer “based in the heart of a thriving metropolis (Coral Springs, Florida) peppered with senile retirees and hawaiian shirt wearing tourists”, has created what might be the new essential and addictive accessory for our smartphones.

“We make a unique breed of phone stand, grip and spinner that sticks non-permanently to most phones, cases and plastic!” (See video below) To make Knuckies, Michael choose Sculpteo’s hyper-durable plastic material. The plastic is versatile for a variety of reasons: it’s light, it can be colored, it can be polished and is somewhat flexible.

“Thanks to 3D printing, all of our Knuckies come in these amazing flavors and go great with Ranch Dressing, Olive Oil and….. Please don’t eat the Knuckies, we are kidding. But they do look delicious, never rot and are surprisingly durable!” (That might be why a group of engineers chose it for the satellite they sent into space).

“The bright colors, low cost Batch Control pricing and impeccable customer service provided throughout the process made Sculpteo the obvious choice.” Batch Control is activated when you print over 20 units and can reduce the price up to 50%! The discount  is mostly determined by the object’s size and the amount of material used in the design.

With only the help of his girlfriend, this young entrepreneur discovered 3D printing and was able to turn his dreams into a reality! What a masterpiece for his first 3D printed product!

If you’re interested in “Enjoying Life, With a Twist”, follow this link to Michael’s website at

“(Warning: adding a physical fun factor to your phone may increase eye contact with other people) “

Happy twisting and spinning!  


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