State of 3D printing 2015: How do You Use 3D printing?

How do you use 3D printing? Join our survey and benchmark yourself

Posted By on Jan 23, 2015 |

You know how 3D Printing is revolutionizing your business activity. But what about your competitors? Are you ahead in your industry? Regarding 3D printing topics, do you consider yourself a pro? We’ll answer those questions and help you benchmark yourself through our 5 minute survey.

Few statistic surveys exist in the 3D Printing world. Of course, Terry Wohlers has been doing an amazing job for the past 20 years creating a complete market analysis of the rapid manufacturing industries but Sculpteo is hoping to create a more statistic survey based on the individuals and companies themselves. The biggest statistic sample that exists to date for the 3D printing community is conducted by Peer Production. Their last report was conducted in 2013 with a total of 344 participants and is available here.

At Sculpteo, we decided to provide fresh data AND a simple tool to benchmark yourself and get highlights on the industry. Our goal is to create a statistic analysis on how companies are using 3D Printing. The survey is split in 3 parts:

  • how did you use 3D printing in 2014
  • how do you plan to use 3D printing in 2015
  • how do you plan to use 3D printing in the forthcoming years

The survey is based mostly on multiple choice questions and it will only take you a few minutes to complete. At the end of the survey, you will access an instant report based on the data collected thus far (this works only if you answer to every question). You can also leave us your email and at the end of February we’ll send you a complete report with detailed highlights.

Today we have already collected more than 250 answers. With your help we can make the biggest survey existing and create THE STATE OF 3D PRINTING

Thanks for participating!

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