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Sculpteo’s API and Love.By.Me

Posted By on Jan 27, 2015 | is the one of the most recent additions to the network of companies and websites using Sculpteo’s API to get their business involved in 3D printing. For a month, they’re partnering with Intermarché to allow everyone to customize his own jewelry. How did they make it happen?

The entirety of Sculpteo’s services are available in full (and white label) through our API. That means you can take the upload, modification and customization process and integrate them into your site for free.

For its website,  Dassault Systèmes, currently in partnership with Intermarché, did just that in a rather inventive way. With the help of Sculpteo’s in house engineering team (who is also available to help you with your ideas), Dassault Systèmes used their Catia software to put together a system in which a customer is able to integrate two names directly into a heart design.

If you head over to the website, you’ll note the “Create” section has a 3D viewer with a couple small boxes underneath. Those boxes allow you to choose the size, material, and the names that will be automatically generated on the heart model. They’re fueling those information directly to their server to automatically create the customized design. Once processed the designs are sent to Sculpteo via its Cloud Engine and the end users is able to select the materials. From there until the shipping, everything is run through Sculpteo’s services.

For the specifics on how was able to integrate our prices with their own on their website, head over to our Cloud Documentation pages. There you’ll learn all of the different types of integrations possible; everything from simple iFrame integrations to fully-scaled projects dedicated to 3D printing (like

After checkout the process is sent to our factory, we ship it directly to the customer’s door (with the packaging). All the packaging and shipping logistics can be handled by Sculpteo – it’s really a 3D printing factory at your fingertips!

Until February the 24th, those customizable designs are available on in four different materials: plastic, alumide, silver and brass. Don’t wait!


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