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How to give dimensions and units to your 3D file ?

Posted By on Feb 3, 2015 |

So you’ve got your 3D file all ready to go but you have no idea what size it is. How do you make sure that it has the dimensions you want? Well, we’ll show you two ways to give your 3D file dimensions. One way is more complex and the Sculpteo way just makes more sense!

Our in-house designer and 3D printing evangelist Christina has prepared two short videos to let compare two ways to give a 3D file units and dimensions. In the first video, Christina has been using a well-known software for all 3D printing fans: Autodesk 3DSmax.  She shows how to set the units to millimeters, how to check the actual size of the object you have selected using the Measure feature, and how to use a cube as a guide for scaling. After this, you’ll do miracles when you need to scale an object using 3DSmax.

Now, you’ve probably noticed that it’s a long and specific process to get to the perfect file for 3D printing with a specific 3D software. That’s why we offer this possibility directly online in just a few clicks and a few seconds.  Using Sculpteo’s online tools you’re able to scale your 3D file to any size in many different units. It’s quite fast and easy.

If you’re still wondering which method you’ll use, we’ve picked ours.

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