New 60µ layer thickness available for every plastic 3D print

New 60µm layer thickness available for every plastic 3D print

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In the 3D printing world, we’re also talking about “resolution”. It’s not about pixels or dpi though, it’s all about the layer thickness. And since the 3D printing word is doing everything differently: the lower it is the better. Until now, we were offering a standard 100-150µm printing resolution on our plastic material. The possibility to pick a higher resolution (60µm) was reserved to users taking advantage of our Batch Control feature. This was before !  We’re making the 60µm layer thickness available to everyone for every single plastic 3D print you need.

Deciding which one is better is tough as it only depends on your use of the print. The main difference between our regular resolution and the 60µm layer thickness is the surface roughness of the 3D print. Picking one or the other should be done regarding the use of your 3D print. Actually, depending on this, you have the choice between 6 different options when it comes to printing and polishing in plastic.

Surface 3D print

The different surface finishes on Sculpteo.

Some of our machines will be running on Thursdays with 60µm layer resolution. If you select the 60µm resolution, your order will be automatically manufactured the subsequent Thursday, assuming there is space available in the batch. Batches will be sorted in a first come first served basis.


Of course, all plastic coloring options are still available regardless the resolution and polishing options.

If you’re still undecided, we’ve made a little competition to see which one of Cobb and Mal (two spining tops) is spinning the longest. Yes, that’s pointless – but we always like a winner.

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