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Introducing new metal finishes : Pink Gold, White Rhodium and Black Rhodium!

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The gifting season may have just ended, but at Sculpteo we’re offering a treat anyway. We’re launching three new precious metal finishes: pink gold, white rhodium and black rhodium! Now all you need is an inspired design for jewelry and you’ll have a custom piece (or even the means to start your own business).  Brass and silver just got even better.


from left to right: pink gold plated, black rhodium plated, white rhodium plated, gold plated / Designs by Christina Westbrook

A while ago, we launched our brass and silver materials with different finishes. We’ve listened to you and it’s time to give you more options. That’s why we’re expanding our range of metal materials and finishes by adding 5 new options to the mix.

For the brass, you had the possibility to have it either with a rough or mirror polished finish as well as with a 22k gold plating. We’re now offering three new plating options on brass : pink gold, white rhodium and black rhodium.

Our silver material evolves also. You previously had the choice between a rough and a mirror polished finishes. You’re now able to order precious silver objects with a white or black rhodium finish too.

This brings our metal options up to 2 different materials with a total of 10 combinations when you choose between our rough, mirror polished, 22k gold plated, pink gold plated, white rhodium and black rhodium finishes.

Like before every objects you’ll order with these new finishes will be manufactured using both digital and manual techniques. For our metal materials, we use a lost-wax casting technique, where the original wax model is first printed using our 3D printers. From there a mold is made around the wax, before it is melted and filled with metal, creating your object. If you want to know more about this, go to our material page.

Now if it’s not for you, nor for your loved ones, all those new options are also available in the 3D Printing Cloud Engine, which means you’ll be able to start your own jewelry business. That’s what the project was all about.

Every objects on our photographs are from Christina Westbrook and Bathsheba

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