3D printing helps to build this e-Scooter

ELECTRICMOOD: the smartest E-Scooter

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Powerful, well designed, safe and smart… We’re talking about the ELECTRICMOOD, the world’s smartest portable transportation. Entrepreneur David Libault explains how 3D printing helped build this e-Scooter into a success.


ELECTRICMOOD is not your average scooter, it comes equipped with a custom designed e-motor that combines great power density and an optimized weight. With so much stability, comfort, you’ll realize that no aspect was overlooked with an ‘air cushion’ ride.

Not only the ride is impressive, it’s eco friendly. The ELECTRICMOOD uses a simple wall outlet and a full charge offers 12 miles of free range. When you’re done scooting, you can simply fold up the ELECTRICMOOD and the ergonomic design lets you drag the transporter like a suitcase!


electricmood e-scooter

Launched thanks to the crowdfunding website www.indiegogo.com, this beautiful product is the result of 4 years of intense development and testing. Sculpteo was the prototyping choice for creator David Libault in the early stages of the product’s design. In fact, 3D printing was the only manufacturing process Libault was aware of for prototyping his parts destined for an injection mold. 3D printing was by far the most suitable tool for his project: its the most affordable, easiest and quickest manufacturing process to produce prototypes. It helped David Libault’s realize his project with restricted funds.

Prototyping is a very important step in the development of a product. It confirms the functionality of specific parts and also helps to validate the appearance of the product. However, prototyping can be quite tricky. David Libault experienced the difficulties to modelize the prototypes with the accurate measurement and went with Sculpteo to resolve those issues.

ELECTRICMOOD is set to appear on the market in October of 2015. Hundreds have already been preordered through indiegogo, and more will undoubtedly come once it hits the shelves. We here at Sculpteo are related to be a part of the project because this is all about what Sculpeo is meant to do: carry the 3D printing revolution!

If you also want to enjoy your daily trips into the city a new whole way, you can check the ELECTRICMOOD’s official website or its indiegogo’s page.


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