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Sculpteo Tutorial Series: Sketchup

Posted By Romain Cabanis on Feb 27, 2015 | 0 comments


In a long time ago (almost 5 years actually), we had posted a tutorial on our blog for Sketchup to familiarize our users with the program. That post offers some of the best pratices when modeling for a 3D print, such as optimal export functions and how to fix some of the problems with your model.

We noticed that a number of our users are still regularly consulting the Sketchup tutorial page. That tutorial offered only a video (for an older version of Sketchup) and some other pointers that did not cover all everything necessary for an optimized 3D print. That’s why we created a tutorial dedicated specifically to Sketchup, complete with screenshots and a complete walkthrough of the process.

Moreover, we added some secondary explanations, which clarify some of the export issues users were having when creating a model for a 3D print. Most notably, files exported from a version of Sketchup higher than Sketchup 8 are not currently compatible with our uploading program (unless they are exported as an .OBJ file). We offer a workaround to that process in our most recent tutorial page.

You will find all that information and more by following this link which will lead you directly to the tutorial.

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