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Ask a 3D Designer: Our First Webinar Series

Posted By on Mar 4, 2015 |

So you’re looking to turn your 3D file into something that’s printable, but you don’t know where to start – well look no further. Our new webinar series begins next week and we’re starting off with a bang.

For our first ever webinar series we’re gathering our team of in-house designers and turning any and all 3D models into 3D printable files. We’ll be patching holes, generating volume, reverting faces and whatever else it takes to turn a model into something usable. The best part is, these files aren’t hand picked by our team – they’re files sent from you, our users.

So if you’re a 3D designer or just getting started in 3D printing but are frustrated because you just can’t seem to get your file to print, send it to us! Here’s the email where we’ll be accepting submissions: We’ll look at each submission and choose the one that we think could benefit the most designers with their issue.

Keep in mind that a lot of the problems with your file are easily solved just by simply uploading to our website. We have a team of automatic repair functions ready to take your design to the next level (the physical) – if none of those seem to work, send it our way. We might just feature in one of our live webinars.

These webinars also provide a great opportunity to ask a 3D designer their opinion on a best practice for designing for a 3D print. So be sure to tune in to get your questions answered and your files printed!

Our first webinar will be on Tuesday, March 10 at Noon EST (that’s 17h00 Paris time, and 9AM Pacific).

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