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The 3D Print Dossier & FinalProof

Posted By Zach Correa on Mar 11, 2015 | 0 comments

This past CES we released one of our most innovative tools to date – 3D Print Dossier & FinalProof. When used effectively, it is one of the most powerful tools in Sculpteo’s arsenal of free online functions.

What are some of the other free online functions? Well to name a few – hollowing, thickening, cutaway view, batch control, scaling, high definition rendering, wireframe view (I could go on), but for now we’re focused on FinalProof.

FinalProof is a high definition rendering of your 3D object. Unlike the traditional 3D viewer, FinalProof offers what the individual layers of your object will look like at the scale you’ve chosen. For a smaller, rounded object (like the a miniature 8 ball), the layers will be more visible than on a large square with 90 degree angles. The layering effect is unavoidable and is a result of all 3D printing technologies today (however it is least visible on resin prints). SLS printing technologies, that which we use for our plastic prints offer a minimal amount of layering as well when compared with traditional FDM printing techniques. Typically an SLS layer is 100 microns thick but that can be reduced to 60 microns on the 3D viewing page on Sculpteo (and it can even polished for a finish similar to injection molding).

FinalProof is available through the Review section of the 3D viewer page. You’ll find a section that calls you to “Get Your 3D Print Dossier” from there its just a click away. The dossier offers you all types of information from pricing, legal information, and of course, a high definition render. That render provides a lot of key information when it comes to the final version of your object. For example, if you’re creating an object with an embossing or engraving, FinalProof will provide you with a visual as to whether or not those details will be visible. That type of information could be the difference between a successful print and a wasted one!

If you’d like any more information on FinalProof be sure to consult the other blog postings on the incredible (and free) function. Otherwise, happy printing!

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