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3D printed UFO found by Sculpteo’s office

Posted By Allison Simonot on Apr 1, 2015 | 3 comments

Sculpteo Headquarters, 2:30 pm

It was a morning like any other at Sculpteo. Or at least that’s how it seemed at first. Operations were running smoothly and workers were bustling about: checking the machines, planing new jobs, preparing deliveries when suddenly — everything was turned upside down. It all started with the appearance of an unearthly glow, seen through the windows, accompanied by a strange sound whose echo seemed to be getting closer and closer.


And then suddenly everything stopped. The strange light disappeared. The noise ceased. But now an odd odor permeated all the rooms, something you wouldn’t normally smell during normal day-to-day operations: the scent of lavender. Perplexed, our brave workers decided to use their skills to get to the bottom of this mysterious case.

UFO report2

Geared up, Sculpteo’s team doesn’t really trust anyone else than itself to get at the bottom of this.

Stucked in a disused flower pot, the workers found an object of mysterious origin: a disk that could fit in the palms of their hands. They all agreed: it must be a flying saucer!

UFO report3

Hummmm…well, well, well! Isn’t this an UFO !?

Following careful transportation to the Sculpteo lab for analysis and a string of preliminary tests, our experts were able to determine the components of the flying saucer.

UFO report4

What they found was that the saucer had been built by a 3D printing technique, and the material used in its construction was nothing short of revolutionary:

“A quick observation of the surface of the saucer led us to the undeniable conclusion that it had been 3D printed,” explains Pierre, a material scientist. “But despite bearing a strong resemblance to plastic, it is impossible that the saucer was printed from this material. Polymers don’t smell like lavender.”

According to Pierre, the flying saucer is built from a meticulously crafted alloy composed of an unexpected mix of various durable materials: lead, mercury, silver, gold, but also sulfur and even salt. Its glossy coating seems to serve as an unbreakable, heat-resistant shield and the material even contains traces of vegetable oil (hence the lavender scent, according to Pierre).

“If you hold it in your hands for more than a few minutes the tips of your fingers start to go numb. You’ll start to feel a little tingling sensation. There’s definitely something alive in this flying saucer!” says Pierre, who seems more than a little shaken by this whole UFO business.

UFO report6

“Lead, mercury, silver, gold, but also sulfur and even salt!? Well, this remind me of something!”

So — it’s not just a flying saucer, it’s alive too? Using a scanner we performed a diagnostic imaging of the flying saucer in order to generate a 3D model and get a peek at what it was hiding under its hood. So what was inside? A “modern marvel of design” according Alvise, our 3D designer.

“There’s more than meets the eye with this flying saucer — don’t be fooled by its seemingly minimalist design and elegant curves. Inside there’s a miniature network of intersecting lines, a complex and amazing geometry. All of its intricacies have been printed at a resolution of 1 micron. It’s impossible to pick out the details of its design with the naked eye! But thanks to our 3D rendering software, we were able to visualize exactly what it looks like inside the flying saucer. What we have before us is a masterpiece of nanotechnology hailing from an intelligence that is far beyond our understanding.”

UFO report7

Say what??? a banana???

But what can we conclude from all this? What is the purpose of this flying saucer and how are we supposed to explain its appearance at Sculpteo? Céline, Project Manager, has the answer:

“While the lavender scent will always remain a bit of a mystery, one thing is certain: this flying saucer came from the future. It’s just not possible with our current technology to print an object so complex. The saucer was 3D printed… coincidence? I don’t think so. The most likely scenario is that this UFO is a message from Sculpteo in the future. This flying saucer is the promise of a technological future that is beyond even our wildest dreams!”

UFO report8

They’re talking to us!

We’ve yet to decode the enigma presented to us by the flying saucer. Our team is working on it tirelessly, around the clock, in hopes of finding some way of unlocking its secrets.

Credit: UFO 3D model design by greengiant83

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