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Women in 3D printing, join us!

Posted By Allison Simonot on Apr 29, 2015 | 0 comments

At Sculpteo, we want to ease access to 3D printing to everyone. This means… for women too! 3D printing belongs to the industrial field, which generally definitely lacks of women. That is why we are involved in groups deserved to women in 3D printing.

To all of you women simply curious about 3D printing or expert into this field are welcome to join: designers, engineers, students, researchers, entrepreneurs… This group is all about sharing between women with a particular interest toward 3D printing. It’s semi-informal, with many meeptups to share and chat in a casual atmosphere.

So, how to find us? On LinkedIn!

The group is born last december and has already gathered  122 members. The founder herself belongs to Sculpteo’s Team, Nora Touré! She is especially very involved into the topic. Also, we invite you to take a look to her blog, totally dedicated to this subject ! You will find many posts and interviews of women working in the 3D printing industry. You can also participate to the blog, and propose your own posts or podcasts.

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