3D printing: spanish version of Sculpteo is live

Sculpteo is now available in Spanish: bienvenido a sculpteo.com/es

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We are very excited to announce that the spanish version of Sculpteo is live!

Hi there,

Clément here, Sculpteo’s CEO, with another update for our service. We’ve accomplished many great things to simplify professional 3D printing and to bring it online. Over 18 months, we’ve considerably improved the workflow of our website by working on the interface and by bringing you the best online tools on the market: Batch Control, Hollowing, Thickening or FinalProof. However new software and a seamless interface don’t do it all. A better access also means the best possible communications with our users. That’s why we’re very happy to announce that Sculpteo is now available in Spanish. Spanish 3D printing enthusiasts, we’re now speaking the same language!

This is a special milestone for the whole Sculpteo team. As you may know, we have created Sculpteo 3D printing service in France 5 years ago, and we are now based in Paris and in San Francisco. Even if the 3 co-founders are French, Sculpteo has never been thought as a national 3D printing service but as the easiest 3D printing online service that you could ever find in the world.

And this all starts inside the company. Bringing Sculpteo to the world means that the world is also meeting inside Sculpteo. Believe me, the best part of our day is when we arrive in the morning at the office to work with talented guys from France, Belgium,  England, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Macedonia, Argentina and the United States, because we all share the same passion about 3D printing and the same obsession of offering you the best service.

We are very proud to say that we’ve achieved another step in this direction. Both the Sculpteo team and Sculpteo’s website now speak Spanish. What does this change for you? If you have questions about your project, don’t hesitate to write or call us, our spanish-speaking support team is now available and happy to help! And if you want to receive the hottest Sculpteo news in spanish directly in your email inbox, you can subscribe to our weekly spanish newsletter here.

Ps: You may have noticed there’s no German speaking member on our team even though our German website has been around for more than a year. Let me take this opportunity to say: if you’re interested in joining our team and developing Sculpteo in Germany our door is wide open! Just send us an email at jobs@sculpteo.com

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