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Join Sculpteo Beta Program

Posted By on Jun 3, 2015 |

You can now become an official tester of our greatest and latest version of Sculpteo 3D printing service by following a few easy steps.

Now that Sculpteo has widen his production capacity, we’re more focused than ever on delivering consistent service and the best user experience in the 3D printing world! We need your help to make this happen and we created the Sculpteo Beta Program. Here is what you can expect:

What is it?

The Scultpeo Beta program is an open opt-in program where you get first-time access to functionality that is still subject to change. You get to see what’s coming and shape the future of the functions, and you provide us incredibly valuable feedback.


How to Join?

In the footer of Sculpteo, you’ll now find a little link to join the beta program. Just click the link in the footer and then opt in to the program. That computer will now be part of the beta program. Do this on each browser you want to use with it and you’re good. You can also leave the program in the same way.


What’s in it?

The beta program has the updates to the user gallery, with drag and drop and batch actions. More features will come!


What does this mean for me?

If you choose to join, please provide any feedback you have. You can email us directly at or you can post on the Sculpteo Beta Community on Google+. We take your feedback seriously and take it into consideration for upcoming revisions.


If you are currently in the beta program and would like to opt out:

Simply go to the Beta Version page and uncheck “Join Beta Program,”. If you are opting out because of a persistent issue with a particular feature, please email us about the issue via first.


Happy Beta-ing everyone!

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