The Guide to Choose Hardware Incubators

How to choose your hardware incubator?

Posted By on Jun 14, 2015 |

Mathilde Berchon, the brilliant author behind Making Society blog, has released the essential guide to know about and to choose your best hardware incubator.

It’s a special pleasure to tell you about Mathilde‘s work, since she has been publishing hundreds post on Sculpteo blog between 2011 and 2012… Mathilde Berchon is also the author of ‘L’impression 3D‘, the first book of SerialMakers collection and the definitive introduction in French to 3D Printing.  And she created one of the most interesting blogs that we follow: MakingSociety.

The goal of MakingSociety is to help makers like you start hardware companies and live from their passion‘ Mathilde says. The guide to hardware incubators is the perfect illustration of this declaration of faith.

Hardware incubator guide

The guide offers an exhaustive review of the programs designed to help hardware startups at their very early or early stage all around the world. It helps you also to define which space is the most appropriate to your project:

  • Makerspaces to build a first prototype
  • Incubators to take your prototype to product
  • Accelerators to prepare of specific phase of development

Each incubator is presented and analyzed following criteria such as sectors of interest, program duration etc.

The guide cost $9.88 and we can tell it’s worth for anyone creative or developping a new product. We definitively recommend you to buy it here.


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