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Intellectual property and 3D printing: the meetup video now online!

Posted By Allison Simonot on Jun 15, 2015 | 0 comments

The 19th of may, we organised a meetup in Paris around a very central subject related to 3D printing: intellectual property. It is a complicated topic, definitely current, especially in France: lately, the senators talked about a law project called “loi sur la redevance pour copie privée (basically a copyright fees law) for 3D printers, which would consist in creating a fee on 3D printers. The right balance still has to be found, between the urge to protect creations and authors facing counterfeit, and the need to grow the market and French actors against international competitors.

So here we are at the heart of a very complicated subject, not really accessible for makers and creative people and quite reserved to experts in the field of law and copyrights. This is the reason why we managed to organise a meetup between the public and profesionnals in the field of intellectual property. Among them:

Aude Vivès-Albertini, Lawyer at Creactive Avocats

Caroline Le Goffic, Director of Master 2 “Droit des Activités Numériques” at Paris V

Thierry Maillard, Counsel of the ADAGP

Marine Core-Baillais, Chief Marketing Officer at Sculpteo

Guillaume Kuntz, Artist and designer

Fortunately, we filmed the meetup (but it is only available in french)! Here are some extracts of the debate, with the following questions that were asked during the meetup:

  • Can we compare the impact of 3D printing innovation to the mp3 revolution?
  • What should do an artist to protect his/her artwork?
  • I put a 3D model on the internet. It has been used for a commercial purpose without my agreement. How can I assert my rights?
  • Can I make the 3D scan of a masterpiece in a museum?
  • Is counterfeit always detrimental to a work?

For more videos, don’t forget to check our Youtube page! And don’t worry, the videos are mainly provided in english!


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