The Makermap helps you to find hackerspaces near you

Find the hackerspace close to you with the Makermap

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Beyond summer beaches and music festivals what about visiting an hackesrspace and being inspired by making stuff?  The Makermap charts the hackerspaces and the maker resources around the world.

The Makermap is an ongoing open source project which aims to create a global database of maker resources – from workspaces to incubators – which is powered by the maker community and easily searchable on any device. The project was created by Renee DiResta and Nick Pinkston and first covers the San Francisco region. The map project started  in 2012 at a hackathon at DiResta’s office, is doubly open source. Not only do Pinkston and DiResta draw on the crowd for data (you can add resources that aren’t yet on the map), the whole project is forked on GitHub, so users can help develop the map itself. 3 years laters, based on our personal evaluation  the map covers more than 700 providers and cool places in the world.

What can you expect from the Makermap? The map would help you to find hackerspaces, makerspaces, stores and services in various categories and areas:

  • surplus
  • electronics
  • fabrication
  • art
  • fabric / textiles
  • pcb
  • plastic
  • composites
  • machining
  • labwares
  • tools
  • metal
  • wood
  • hardware
  • laser cutting
  • glass
  • paint

and of course 3D Printing!

The Makermap is waiting for you to contribute, adding your favorite shops, suppliers, and fabricators around the world. You can also help them curating the resources and check locally that the data are still accurate. A Makermap discussion forum is open on Google+ Or you can just be an happy maker that plans to build stuff without spending too much to find supplier in the neighbourhood. So, what are you going to build this summer? We have no doubt that 3D Printing can help you and we invite you to check our summer series about the 3D Printing uses.

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