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Sculpteo Success Story: Backbone by Tunuva

Posted By Jess Hedstrom on Jul 2, 2015 | 0 comments

Today’s Sculpteo Success Story features Quentin Bowden of Tunuva and he talks with us about how Sculpteo helped him create a product called ‘Backbone’ for your iPhone.

Quentin can you tell us more about what Tunuva is, and also about what ‘Backbone’ does?

Sure! So Tunuva started out as a 3d printing services company but it has since changed over into a product design company, and about a year ago we had an idea to solve the problem in the picture below. In March 2014 we decided to fix the frayed iPhone charger cord once and for all!



I know that a lot of people have this problem and I’ve had it with my iPhones in the past too! So what was one of your hurdles trying to create a solution for this “fraying cord” problem?

The first hurdle was learning how to design for 3D printing, I had some CAD design knowledge but designing for 3D printing is a little different. So I had to learn that process.

But once I learned how to do that, 3D printing helped us go from a drawing on a napkin to an actual product in 1 month. We repeated the process by completing 2 iterations the following month with Sculpteo. So at the end of 2 months we had our final product, take a look!


Quentin do you use Sculpteo for final manufacturing or just the prototyping?

Both actually, we used Sculpteo’s services for the iterations and also for the product that we ship to our customers. We chose Sculpteo because of the low price and how quickly we can get Backbone to our customers because of the bulk feature you have.

Because you use Sculpteo for manufacturing Backbone, do you offer any customization options to your customers, since that’s one of the big selling points of 3D Printing?

These are the different color options that we offer our customers, which is a great way to personalize their Backbone. Another way to customize is with logos. In the images below we showcase our logo but other companies can put their logos instead. Initials would work as well, here at Ohio State I have roommates and we would never know who’s charger belonged to who. Now we have our initials on them. This is a great solution if you have big family as well.

color options backbone lightning

What are you excited to see in the future of 3D Printing?

3D printed functional items are something that I’m excited to see increase in the future, I see a lot of memes and stuff, but finished products that you can actually use are a great use of 3D printing. Also using this technology to help people in developing countries is something I’m looking forward to seeing as well.

That was an interview with Quentin Bowden of Tunuva. For more info check out their website and you can follow them on Facebook. If you have a success story that you’d like to share please email: [email protected]. Thanks for reading!






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