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This watch is 3D printed

Posted By Claire Chabaud on Jul 15, 2015 | 1 comment

After the success of their previous 3D printed watch, Atelier le Brézéguet (A.L.B) would like to introduce us to their brand-new model. Inspired by the masterpiece of Claude MonetEtretat, sunset” and limited to 10 copies. This little marvel combines technology and a fine art of watchmaking. A.L.B tells us more about their process of creation and it sounds promising!




For Atelier le Brézéguet empowering personal expression by using space in their 3D printed watch to tell stories is a mission. Actually, they are specifically using 3D technology to widen this space and liberate their creativity. To model up they use Solidworks. They do not use an external designer as they really want to reveal their vision through the design of the dial. Usually, they spend one month to create the design of the face. Then, it takes two more months in order to make the pieces, make them fit and assemble the watches.


Nevertheless, the features of 3D printing might sometimes constrain the establishment of a pattern when the precision is as demanding as for clockmaking. Indeed the frame’s height is predetermine, so there is not much leeway concerning the dial’s thickness (which should not be more than 0.5 mm). This limit implied to adapt the design several times and after 15 months of work with the help of Sculpteo’s team they succeed to overcome these design limits. For instance, in order to get the effect desired it was more efficient to print the pieces in a vertical way. We are glad to know that our cooperation was successful. Do not forget that our team is always ready to help you in your project and answer your questions !


After receiving the 3D prints of the different pieces there is one of the most important step : the assembly. The German frame, the French bracelet, the watch movement ETA 2671 and the 3D-print dial are gathered together by hand and give life to the final 3D printed watch.


In our previous interview they told us that they have “been seduced by the materials Sculpteo offers, by their originality, their texture and their properties”. For this 3D printed watch they choose the classical black definition for the Polyamide. They kept the granular aspect of the raw material for his unique unpolished depiction. Also, we were curious to have their opinion on the development of Titanium for watchmaking. They told us that there was a significant fusion problem which was also a problem for precision and not adequate yet for their creations.


The main positive aspect for 3D-printing in their art is the relation originality/cost allowed by the materials. It offers a new affordable creative  liberty. For example, 3D printed watches made to measure would not involved the same amount of time and financial investment as in traditional watchmaking. For the next big evolution in 3D-printing they are waiting for more precision and a better mastery in precious metals to go further in the precious jewellery aspect of their creations.

A.L.B told us a little about their next project and we are thrilled to know more about it! The next theme would be about Mt. Fuji, based on a traditional Japanese engraving. An inspiring idea to give time some spirituality!  It would still be a limited edition and we can’t wait to see it!


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