3D printing on Twitter: top 21 accounts to follow

Top 21 3D printing Twitter accounts to follow

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In order to be aware of the latest trends in the 3D printing sphere, following on Twitter  the right influencers allows you to have a relevant insight. Also, we gather for you the TOP 21 3D printing Twitter accounts to get inspired, specialised and surprised.

Specific 3D printing Twitter accounts:  some projects are worthing to keep an eye on !

5 years ago, if someone would have told you that you could eat a 3D printed steak, you probably would have looked at your printer skeptically  . Today, the famous 3D printed pizza by Nasa had opened our mind on this topic. Still, there is much more going on ! This Twitter account will let you know how fast and astonishing is 3D printed food developing !


Enablethefuture is a very specialised community of volunteers. They print 3D printed prosthetic hands for free to help those in need. This account is worth a look to better understand all the humanitarian impact that 3D printing can have and also to enhance this incredible initiative.


3D printing is about creativity and children are full of it! But also to knock down the misconception that 3D printing is for engineers . This Twitter account will prove everyday how easy it is to think 3D printing.


A Twitter account by women and for women passionate about 3D printing. A pleasant touch of feminity in the 3D printing community. It also covers various events to enhance the awareness of women on this topic.


This account’s mission is  to teach how to give life to your 3D printing ideas, with pertinent links to help you learn by yourself with online courses. This account is a must to follow!


An inspirational Twitter account to find the idea of your next print ! Sometimes you even have included the file to download. An alternative to the marketplace accounts, because this one gathers many ideas no matter which website they are from!


The official account of one of the most important events in the 3D printing world : the 3D Print show takes place in 7 cities. Sharing the same vision of these events, This Twitter account will give you the hotest 3D printed contents.


The first Open source 3D printed life size robot has its own account !



Influencer 3D printing Twitter accounts :


Our pick of 3D printing twitter accounts of people passionated and working in this industry.

The founder and managing director of the 3D printing show


The official account of the dutch designer who designed various famous 3D printed project as the fold-out 3D printed lampshade

One of the most prolific fashion designer for 3D printing.


Two amazing artists who reinvent lace with 3D printing technology.

The founder of fabaloo share on his twitter account his vision as an entrepreneur and a design appreciator



The president of wohlers associates provide you with relevant information about additive manufacturing and 3D printing

The official account of the editor of disruptive mag


The account of the young CEO of HypeCask

The founder of Makingsociety and the author of “l’impression 3D” is sharing her experience to discover 3D printing and the makers all around the world.



Working on the content of the 3D Print Show, Faith provides an interesting and personal opinion on the 3D printing news!  

This 3D designer is full of talent and humour. A must have account to feed your 3D printing curiosity.


Passionate about 3D printing, Tuan Tranpham is really active on his twitter account and share with you its passion.  


The former editor of Wired and autor of “ Makers: The new industrial revolution”  as perceptive point of view. Incidentally, he is the one who said that “ Personal 3D printers will be a bigger revolution thant the internet”



Want more ? Then don’t hesitate to follow Sculpteo and some of its team on Twitter!  


This is our official account. A good way to keep in touch and interract with us ! We are always happy to see what you printed with our service so do not forget to add @sculpteo and we will be delighted to tweet with you !

Clément is the CEO and Co-Founder at Sculpteo, his twitter account is a practical way to keep up with his vision of 3D printing.



Alexander is the UI / UX Designer for Sculpteo. He provides an interesting insight on 3D printing with a designer point of view.

Jess is the community manager of Sculpteo, she created the Printing Everyday Podcast . Her twitter account is the official account of Printing Everyday. A good way to catch up with different people in the 3D printing eco-system.



Arthur is our Marketing Manager. He has worked for Sculpteo for 3 years now and he has a wide network in the 3D printing industry and also in the Start Up world.


My personnal account. I love to share the most surprising and astonishing 3D printing I found on internet with a special interest for fashion.

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