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Award Winning 3D Designs from Pinshape That You Should 3D Print!

Posted By Karen Lee on Aug 18, 2015 | 2 comments

Next time you’re looking around for something to print, why not check out some award winning Pinshape designs?

If you’re not familiar with our platform, Pinshape is a community of designers and makers coming together to share and make 3D designs. We got a wide variety of designs, ranging from practical everyday ones, to impressive display art pieces. If you don’t have a 3D printer, but see some great designs while you’re browsing our site, Sculpteo is the perfect place to turn the design into a reality. That’s why we jumped at the opportunity when Sculpteo asked if we wanted to do a guest blog post for them!

We have monthly contests with different themes, allowing community designers to flex their creative muscles. Today, we wanted to share with the Sculpteo community some designs that we loved and think you will too!


The Zombie Wacom Pen Stand
By Tanya Wiesner
2nd Place in the Pinshape 3D Printed Creatures Design Contest

zombie wacom pen tanya wiesner pinshape

This freaky design is functional and makes for a great display piece! For designers, this stand will hold your Wacom pen until you’re ready to create your next work of art. If you wanted this to fit traditional pens, Tanya says it’s possible as long as you compensate for the weight of the pen with infill. With Sculpteo, you’ll be able to make this zombie pen stand as solid as you want, making it perfect for any pen!


Art Nouveau Shoe
By Genghis
3rd Place in the Shining 3D Fashion Contest

art nouveau shoe Genghis pinshape
While this piece may not be actually wearable (you can certainly try), it’s a conversation starter! Genghis placed third in the Shining 3D Fashion Contest, which meant this shoe walked down the catwalk in its 3D printed glory in China! We love the patterns, and it’s definitely on the cutting edge of fashion design.

genghis art nouveau shoe shining3D


The American Craftsman Bungalow Birdhouse
By Mr.MegaTronic
3rd Place in the Pinshape Support Free Contest

american craftsman bungalow birdhouse pinshape mrmegatronic

This birdhouse may be fancier than your house! It’s certainly way fancier than mine. Plus, it features two entrances with upper ventilation via the chimney and windows. For any liquid fluids, there are sloped drains allowing it to run out automatically. Talk about ingenious design!


Roaring Lion Sculpture
2nd Place in the Pinshape Low Poly 3D Printing Contest 2014

formbyte roaring lion low poly pinshape

Inspired by the vigorous beauty of the lion, FORMBYTE created this design using faceted and wire-frame structures. We loved how this design toys with the idea of low poly and integrates wire-frames to give this piece positive and negative spaces. We suggest printing this out as big as possible!


Low Poly Phoenix
By Dr.Zeus
1st Place in the Pinshape Low Poly 3D Printing Contest 2015

low poly phoenix pinshape drzeus

This piece won the most recent Pinshape contest. The inspiration came from Dr.Zeus’ recent Chinese Philosophy class he’s been taking, and 3D printing allowed fantastical stories to come to life. Keep in mind that this piece will be printed in different parts and will require assembly after you get it printed! One thing you can put to the test is your own post processing skills: can you get your phoenix to look as lively as the one Dr.Zeus made?


By J.R. Bédard
2nd Place in the Pinshape Low Poly 3D Printing Contest 2015

chamelon jr pinshape

These chameleons also placed in our Low Poly Contest that ended last month. We fell in love with the way these little guys can chill on your laptop, or basically anywhere with a thin ledge! J.R. suggests printing these in a semi-transparent material if possible to really give it a chameleon effect. How cool is that?!


I hope you like the pieces we shared with you, and it was great to relive some memories of great designs and celebrate them once again. Don’t forget that there’s plenty of other designs on Pinshape that Sculpteo can 3D print out for you, so if you’ve got some spare time, take a look at our sweet platform of designs!


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