Some Assembly Required - Designs You Can Build!

Some Assembly Required – Designs You Can Build!

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Karen here, with another round of 3D printed goodies available on Pinshape! If you missed our last guest post on Sculpteo, feel free to check it out for some award winning designs from our past 3D design contests. Or, read on to get another bunch of recommendations for your next 3D print from Sculpteo!

This time, the designs we chose all need to be assembled by you after they’re printed, which is where half the fun is! Just a warning though, not all of these designs are for beginners as some have over 100 pieces!


Touristic Plane Model

By Mao


touritic plane model pinshape mao

Mao has lots of great designs, and most of them require assembly. The good news is, he does a great job explaining and showing how to assemble his designs, and you can find the instructions in his Pinshape design listings. Whether you’re a miniature or model enthusiast, or you just want a good challenge, Mao’s designs are perfect for you. This Touristic Plan Model is free for download, so why not give it a try?


Power Loader

By AaronH15241

power loader pinshape aliens

This is for all you sci-fi fans out there! This beautifully designed piece of fan art has a lot of pieces, so make sure you get all the files you need for the Power Loader from here and here. You’ll also need to get a little crafty as some parts are assembled with cut up paperclips. All your hard work will pay off, though, once you’re the proud owner of a fully articulated Power Loader!


X-Men Cyclops Goggles

by edditive

xmen cyclops goggles edditive pinshape

Do you need a Halloween costume for this year? If not, maybe you’re looking to add another cool display piece to your collection of geek wares. If either of those things are true for you, look no further than these X-Men Cyclops Goggles! They are designed to be worn, and you can make the prop look even more legitimate by adding a translucent red film of your choice, and maybe even LED lights! You’re sure to have the best looking prop in town— and better yet, it’s made by you!


Scarab Beetle Box (with secret lock)

by Louise Driggers

scarab lock box louise driggers pinshape

This Egyptian inspired storage box is a perfect example of a mix between beatuty and function. While it looks amazing from the outside, this little box will keep your valuables safe with it’s working, secret locking mechanism. Louise has detailed instructions on how to assemble the piece waiting for you to try your hand at putting it together. Get this printed in different colors and voila— you have a box that looks like it was teleported from ancient Egpyt!


Toy Dump Truck

By DanielNoree

toy dump truck danielnoree pinshape

Ah, toy trucks. These always evoke some great childhood memories. This is a fun design to 3D print, and build with kids! The bucket of the tuck even lifts up to dump its cargo and the wheels spin freely, just like a toy you’d buy anywhere else. With Sculpteo’s 3D printing, though, you can choose to make this truck whatever color you wish. Was your childhood truck red? Go for it! Maybe it was more of a rusty brown? You’ve got it. That’s what’s so great about 3D printing.


AFV 6×6 A.M.V.P Mk.III (Chinchilla)

by ben.creager

Chinchilla pinshape ben creager

With Ben’s design, what you’ll get after you’re done putting this AFV together is rolling wheels, a rotating turret, and a gun that can elevate! That’s a lot of action jammed into a tiny vehicle. Feeling ambitious? You just may be able to print this piece as a whole via Sculpteo since Ben offers a file with the entire final model!


Shipbuilder Starter Set

by Kevin Sacherman

shipbuilder starter set pinshape

Pop out and assemble a spaceship of your own. Perfect for someone who’s got a flair for space travel. It’s quite simple to build, and you can replace the 1.75mm filament Kevin used to assemble his with paperclips instead and you’ll be ready to blast off! Complete with command decks, cargo pods, communication arrays, and engines, lots of thought went into making this miniature. For more space related designs, check out Kevin’s profile!


Life Size Legend of Zelda Master Sword

by imprende

life size zelda master sword

For a lot of people, Zelda was a big part of their childhood, and there’s no better way to relive those days than with this great prop. This sword comes in parts, helping you save on shipping. That also means you get the task of putting this together, giving it a great metallic paint job, and embellishing it to turn it into the perfect displayable sword or a cosplay prop!


Printable Interlocking Puzzle #3 – Level 4 by Bram Cohen

by Richard Gain

puzzle pinshape sculpteo

This design doesn’t require that you assemble it— if you’re scared of the challenge that is. This interlocking puzzle can be a difficult task to figure out, stumping most of the Pinshape staff! Think you can solve this puzzle made 3D printable by Richard Gain? I certainly couldn’t, but I’d like to see you try!


Which one of these would you consider printing out to try assembling yourself? With 3D printing, you can take part in the product creation process, so check out these designs and print them out for something cool that you can proudly show off and call your own! There’s also lots of other great models on Pinshape that may catch your fancy, so feel free to check us out!



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