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Staples and Sculpteo partner to launch new 3D printing offer

Posted By Sculpteo on Sep 10, 2015 | 0 comments

It’s been a while since we’ve heard  stories about how 3D printing will  change retail as we know it. Think  of a shop in which you’ll  be scanned from top to bottom, one where you’ll leave with made to order products. Building on their early success in  3D printing, the major office supplier, Staples Inc., just opened a new platform for anyone  to discover professional quality 3D printing at fair market prices.


Sculpteo is pleased to be selected by this major retailer for its new online 3D printing platform. Staples is not new to 3D printing. A while back, Staples launched a new initiative for people interested in buying a 3D printer. The company was among the first to develop a service where customers could walk into a  store with a 3D file and walk out with a  3D printed part within a few hours. This initiative was a success.  Staples went a step further by offering their customers the ability to upload their designs directly to the website. Today, we’re excited to announce that Sculpteo has  been selected to drive Staple’s initiative  through  our 3D Printing Cloud Engine.

Staples is a key supplier to man companies. We believe that 3D printing is  a manufacturing tool for every professional and market sector. Through the  Staples and  Sculpteo partnership, access to 3D printing has never been easier.


“We are thrilled to support Staples through our 3D Printing Cloud Engine. This is an exciting time for 3D Printing in Retail” said Clément Moreau, CEO & Co-Founder of Sculpteo, “Staples will become an entry point for both businesses and the general public to benefit of 3D printing, and we are proud that Sculpteo’s technology will help to make that possible”.


Sculpteo empowers customers of Staples with it’s signature features including  Hollowing, thickening & solidity check. Offering a combination of  48 materials , it is Sculpteo’s mission to match anyone’s designs with nearly any combination of printable materials.  

3D Printed products made by Staples

For those willing to learn more about the Staples and Sculpteo partnership, Clément Moreau and Behzad Soltani will be announcing the partnership together  at the 3D Printshow Pasadena on Friday, September 11th to introduce this new online service..

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