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Tips that help you use 3D printing to market your business

Posted By Jess Hedstrom on Sep 16, 2015 | 0 comments

Multi-Million dollar companies are investing in 3D printing including companies like HP and Staples. But if your company is missing some of the zeros that bump it into the million dollar category, 3D Printing is still a great investment for you!

Although 3D Printing has been around for over 30 years, it’s only in the past decade that it has been introduced to the general public, and that means that now is the perfect time to start to utilize this technology in a way that is still innovative and creative to your clientele. The size of your company doesn’t matter; there is a perfectly useful way to utilize 3D Printing in your company no matter what size it is.

Teaching aids, business cards, and small representations of big ideas.

Business cards2

Having a business card that stands out in the crowd is a wonderful way to differentiate yourself from the rest. Why use traditional card stock if you don’t need to?

We’ve seen an increase in utilizing 3D printing to elevate common everyday items into more customized and creative items. Business cards fall into that category of common items, and as you can see in the example above handing your client this business card is a conversation starter and it insures that it will not end up in the waste basket at the end of the day.


Teaching aids are a great way to utilize 3D printing, for example here we can see the printing comparison of layer thickness at 150 microns vs. 60 microns. Sometimes it’s necessary to show an example of  the data or information you’re trying to explain. Another example can be found in our article featuring MeliesArt; the founder Volker uses 3D printing to create data structures. It’s a physical representation of statistics.

Celebrating and recognizing your employees with 3D printing.

Many companies participate in an employee of the month program, and while it’s great to recognize your employees for a job well done, it’s can be very meaningful for employees to receive a tangible representation of  your appreciation for their hard work. Employee birthday’s are also a great time to take advantage of 3D Printing, creating a personalized item for your employees on their birthday can show an investment the company morale.

Mass customization is a huge reason why 3D Printing separates itself from traditional manufacturing. The size of your company doesn’t make your order any more or less difficult. Discover how you can celebrating and recognizing your employees with 3D printing, it’s a big win for morale!


Giveaways, contests and customization for your customers.

Show your appreciation for your customer’s loyalty with 3D printing. Sending small customized thank you gifts to your customers that have the longest ongoing relationship with your company is a great way to incorporate 3D printing into your company and show that their business means a lot to you. You can also provide giveaways which can include useful items with your logo on them. This is a great way to market your company and even gain new customers, with Sculpteo’s batch printing feature the more you order the more your discount.

Marketing tangible representations of company milestones.

Celebrating reaching a company sales goal? Printing a trophy or plaque to display is something that we can help you with at Sculpteo. Check out how we helped Skoda to sell the newest Fabia car or the beautiful trophies for L’oreal designed by Chevalvert. There are a number of ways that you can integrate 3D Printing into your company without needing millions in revenue. If you’re curious about our services or the different options available to you click here to discover other 3D Printed marketing products.

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