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Top 9 of 3D printing events

Posted By Claire Chabaud on Sep 30, 2015 | 0 comments

No matter where you are in the world, there is always a 3D printing event there for you. If you are curious about 3D printing and don’t want to miss any opportunities to meet the 3D community and learn about the latest trends, here is a list of a few 3D printing events you should definitely put in your agenda !


  1. 3d Printshow


The 3D Printshow is a series of 3D printing events taking place in 6 differents countries with shows in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Dubaï, Istanbul and California. This organization created a show to promote 3D printing and enhance the visibility and access to this technology. Key players of the 3D printing community are attending such as engineers, designers, online 3D printing services and makers. This mix of passionate people allows everyone to discover the latest innovations in this industry and create a solid network with the attendees. The team organizing these events is really involved in 3D printing and always aware of the latest trends on 3D printing. Follow them on twitter if you want to keep up with all the latest news @kerry_hogarth  and @Faith__Robinson!


Don’t forget the next 3D Printshow events !


  • Paris, October 16 – 17
  • Dubaï, November 8-12
  • London, May 25-26 2016
  • Amsterdam, June 28-30 2016


  1. Inside 3D printing 

Inside 3D printing is a B2B tradeshow, it is less focus on the democratization of 3D printing and more focus on the business applications of the technology. The networking is key to this event with many industry influencers attending. Also, Inside 3D printing has a strong interest in asian countries.


Discover the next Inside 3D printing events !


  • Tokyo, October  7-10
  • Zhuhai, October 15-17
  • Santa Clara, October  20- 22
  • Mumbai, December 3-4
  • Shanghai, December 8-10
  • Singapore,  January  26-27


  1. Formnext 


Formnext is the international exhibition and conference on additive technologies and tool making. It is Powered by TCT . This event is a B2B exhibition in germany, at Frankfurt, happening once a year. It is not only focus on 3D printing, but also on other sectors of product development and manufacturing. This tradeshow is a great opportunity to meet technicians and professionals in the 3D printing industry.


The next Formnext event is the next November 17-20th 2015 in Frankfurt!

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  1. TCT+ Perzonalize 

TCT Show + Personalize is an event dedicated to additive manufacturing and product development. 2015 will mark the 20th tradeshow. TCT Tradeshow offers the opportunity to attend a conference specialised for a long time in manufacturing technologies which could implies a broader scope of the key challenges of 3D printing in the manufacturing process.


The next  TCT show is from the september 30th  to October 1st in Birmingham, UK  


  1. Euromold

Euromold is one of the most important fairs on Product Development. 35% of the product during the show are focus on 3D printing, 28,4% on production and 26.5% on Moldmaking and tooling.The show is more dedicated to Product Managers, Developers, Executives or anybody interested in launching a new product and innovative solution. The main idea of this show is to provide tools “from the idea to series production”. This show offers solutions for a variety of branches and keeps an holistic thinking approach of the product, gathering all the different actors together.

The last Euromold Event was the September 25th in Germany at Dusseldorf.


    6.  Rapid 

For 26 years Rapid has been the authority tradeshow in 3D. Specialised in Scanning and additive manufacturing. With more than 14 additive manufacturing technologies represented Rapid is one of the most specialised event in 3D printing covering a lot of aspects around the technology such as : tooling, services, softwares and peripheral technologies


The next event will be May 17-19th in Orlando, Florida.


  1. Maker faire 

The Maker Faire is an event made in the spirit of the movements of the makers, meaning the people who loves to create things by theirselves. They are 3D printing enthusiast because 3D printing allow them to be independent from the usual manufacturing technologies. This event is not only focus on 3D printing, but it is an amazing opportunity to meet the community who is living this technology with all its heart. This “family-friendly festival of invention” is gathering both science part and county part. There are 14 Maker Faires and 119 Mini Maker Faires around the world !


Do not miss the next one close to you !


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Tradeshows are not the only way to meet the 3D printing community. You can also attend Meetups to meet the other enthusiasts during an informal event.


– 3D Hubs MeetUp

3D Hubs stimulate its community all around the world with weekly events across the world to share knowledge and experiences.


– Sculpteo’s MeetUp 

You can meet our team members during our MeetUp in Paris  and San francisco. Our Meetups are the occasion to share with you our vision of 3D printing and to make you discover more about it. Whether you are a curious beginner or a true enthusiast, come to meet us and ask us your questions !


So now, what holds you back from meeting the 3D printing community ?




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