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Selection of 3D Prints for Halloween!

Posted By Claire Chabaud on Oct 27, 2015 | 0 comments

Looking for something cool to print out for Halloween? No matter if you’re looking for some last minute costume accessories, or some creepy decorations to add some oomph to your house party, Pinshape has got you covered! Best of all? Sculpteo has all the colors and materials you want to truly make these pieces customized to your occasion! Let’s take a look at some spectacular spooky designs.

Makies Jack-O-Lantern Redux 1.0 pinshape


A remix of the original Makies Jack-O-Lantern, this is perfect to print out and put an LED light into! Depending on the material you print this out in, you can even put actual candles in it. One good thing about this lantern is that it won’t rot.  

maleficent horns pinshape j wall


Maleficent horns that can also double as a cool pair of horns that can accompany any other costume you may have in mind (to me, a World of Warcraft Draenei comes to mind)! Print it in whatever color and you’ve got the perfect head accessory this Halloween.

skull box 3dkitbash pinshape


While this may make for a cool display piece any time of the year, during Halloween you can take the brain out of the box and fill it with candy! It’s creepy looking, but super detailed.

Pumpkin Gree louise driggers pinshape


Several of the designs here can be turned into pseudo treat holders, but The Pumpkin Gree is one that’s made for storage. Just be sure not to leave this container on the porch because someone will definitely steal this creepy piece!

Minion googles


Minions are all the rage. Good rage if you like them, bad rage if you’re sick of them. Either way, here are Minion Googles to really give you that

spiky crown pinshape


Did someone’s costume need a crown? Well, we don’t want to share any overly-fancy ones, because come on! It’s Halloween! Instead, this spiky one will basically assert your position at the party as the true evil/strong/menacing king/queen.

3do it masks pinshape francesco pusterla


Got a masquerade coming up as part of your Halloween festivities? Look no further! A more flexible material will make this mask comfortable, and perfect for your face shape. Will also add an air of mystery to whatever costume you may already have in mind!


Don’t forget to check out Pinshape for other spooky finds before Halloween comes around! Sculpteo’s 3-day shipping will get you Halloween ready before this Saturday!


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