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New payment options available

Posted By Arthur Cassaignau on Oct 28, 2015 | 0 comments

The perfect 3D file? Check. The right material, finish and size? Check. However payment can sometimes be an issue inside a company when the only choices are credit card and paypal account. That’s why we’re launching two new payment options for both companies and individual users.


Since yesterday, on top of the existing credit card, paypal and invoice payment option, we’ve added two more. You can now either pay with wire transfer or with a ‘cheque’ for any payment above $100 (or 100€ /£100). The ‘cheque’ option is only available for users based in France and purchasing in Euros.

Once you validate the first step of the cart (reviewing the order), you’re directed to the delivery and billing information. The billing information allows you to select the payment option.

select payment option on 3D printing service

In the ‘Billing’ section of the order process, you’re free to select the payment option that suits best your need

The orders payed with these two methods will show up in the orders history section under the ‘Awaiting Payment‘ status. If for any reason you changed your mind and feel like processing the payment with a credit card or your paypal account, in this section you’ll be able to click on the order and proceed to the online payment. This is exactly the same process as for the quotes.

When confirmed the order is put on hold until our sales team here receives proof of the payment for your order. To assist you in this step, we’ll be sending you an email with all the information you need either to fill in the wire transfer or the ‘cheque’.


Email for wire transfer

Example of an email sent out to you when you select the ‘wire transfer’ payment method

When we receive the payment, your orders will enter the production phase straight away.

If you have any other questions, you can always contact us or check our page dedicated to information on price and delivery.

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