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Our best DIY tips to make your 3D prints special

Posted By Claire Chabaud on Oct 29, 2015 | 0 comments

Do you know what is the difference between an amazing 3D print and a regular one? YOU. Your creativity, personality and will are the key elements to create a perfect and unique 3D print. At Sculpteo, we help you to 3D print your model, we can of course finish your model with different processes, but doing it yourself does have a ring to it. Therefore, we give a hand by explaining how you can achieve amazing finishes with some patience. Stop admiring this colorful, polished and shining 3D print on your screen… Do it yourself! Here are our best DIY tips and tutorials.

The resin is a fascinating material, with little tips and patience you can obtain amazing translucent results. You already tried to polish it but it didn’t work? Then give it a second try with our Material engineer’s technique. His tips will help you to polish your object in different ways and to add a final touch to keep its transparency!

krylon lackered - Skull Resin 3D print

What if I tell you that your 3D print can look exactly as a final product? As a matter of fact, depending on the time you can spend on this finishing step, the resolution of your print can be improved to an industrial look. This tutorial will explain you how, with different kind of materials and precision, you can smooth and paint your piece to obtain a final product look.

3d printed metallic finish

In order to have the best painting finish possible, sometimes it is better if you split your model to paint separately the different part and then glue them to get your final object. This tutorial will explain you how to proceed part by part and to glue them to get the most of your print. Most of all, as to obtain the best result you have to effectively think the conception of your model.


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