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Sculpteo is proudly printing orders in the USA for North & South America

Posted By Jess Hedstrom on Dec 2, 2015 | 0 comments

We are now manufacturing & shipping orders for North and South America from our San Leandro, CA factory! We are proudly making your 3D printing ideas come to life in the USA.

Due to an increase in orders Sculpteo chose to open another factory; for many reasons the US was an obvious choice.

With our American customer base in mind, and with a desire to create more jobs in the US 3D we began to build our factory. It took almost half a year to build and now that we are fully operational we can ship your prints in less time for less money. Let’s face it, the barriers of entry are decreasing steadily for people and businesses looking to manufacture their own products/designs, and while it’s important to have these items created for as little money as possible it’s more important to create quality items. Speed and quality are extremely important to Sculpteo and we felt strongly that having a factory in the US is the perfect solution.




After creating a great reputation for ourselves in Europe our aim is to continue to spread the word about our amazing quality prints in the US, Canada and Mexico as well. For a young company it can be hard to establish authority but our current American customers have been able to spread the word about our services with testimonials like this one from Steve and Wendy Francis owners of Hopblast: “We instead decided to turn to Sculpteo, because the quality was better and also the turn time was great because I modeled it in a weekend, and we received our first prototype later that week.”

or this testimonial from Quentin Bowden of Backbone We chose Sculpteo because of the low price and how quickly we can get Backbone to our customers because of the bulk feature you have.”

How will having a new Factory in the US change the customer experience?

If you request to have your order shipped to the US, Canada or Mexico your order will be coming from our new factory, the shipping cost will be lower and you will enjoy less shipping time than you have previously experienced. Typically we have tried to provide orders for our US customers within 7 days, however now depending on where you’re located you can receive your order in as little as 3 days (again this depends on location, size and material of your order).


We are very excited and proud to open our factory and we hope that you are as well! Sculpteo is providing jobs in the US and you can have peace of mind knowing that your products are made right here in USA!


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