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Upload more than 30 file formats to Sculpteo

Posted By Arthur Cassaignau on Jan 13, 2016 | 0 comments

Managing your 3D files and keeping up with the different versions is an art in itself. There is no need to add “file format” complexity to the mix. That’s why we decided to integrate more than 10 new native 3D file formats to our uploading tools. Using our service, you can now directly upload from your CAD software to your Sculpteo account without exporting your 3D file as an .stl. It saves you time and frustration when dealing with your 3D files.

Of course we are a 3D printing service, online. That’s what we do. However with the experience gathered along the way, we know that with 3D printing comes the topic of the 3D file and this topic is huge. First, because there is almost as many 3D file formats as there are numerous 3D modeling software, each one working with its own proprietary format of 3D file. Second, because having a 3D file is not enough to be sure that it’s printable. There are rules to create a printable 3D file, and common mistakes that need to be avoided. Third, because keeping track of all your versions might be frustrating (and paying attention to the file format when sharing it).

That’s why, among being a 3D printing service, Sculpteo also is a one stop solution to solve most of this issues when one wants a 3D print. Every 3D file you upload on Sculpteo is analysed to check for modelization mistakes that could result in a bad 3D print, and then automatically repaired if needed. This is probably the first feature that was integrated on Sculpteo’s website, and we still believe that users are really happy with this automated tool that fixes 3D file.

The other upside of uploading tool is that it accept lots of 3D file formats and lets you import the files exported from your CAD software. We are now able to upload more than 30 different 3D file format. Here is the complete list of 3D file format that you can upload to Sculpteo. People using Catia, Solidworks, Rhino or even OpenSCAD can now directly import their 3D file in their Sculpteo account without having to convert them to an .stl.

The new accepted formats are here:

CGR (Catia)
SLDPRT (Solidworks)
SLDASM (Solidworks)
3DM (Rhino)
X_T (Parasolid)

By moving our service closer to your CAD software, we believe that we can help you streamline your 3D printing needs and be more efficient when it comes to turning a design into reality. To help you with that, we have also developed smart tools that let you perform basic but complex actions on your 3D file and we created a Leanring Center.

The most used ones are the tools to hollow the inside of 3D model or to thicken a design that would otherwise break during the 3D printing process.

A while ago, our UX designer, Alex Gryson, gave a webinar about the whole process of using Sculpteo. You’ll see how you can easily upload a file to Sculpteo and get a quote in seconds.

Why don’t you give it a try by uploading a 3D file to Sculpteo?

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