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Quality or Quantity? Sculpteo doesn’t make you choose

Posted By Jess Hedstrom on Feb 3, 2016 | 0 comments

While it’s true that increasing our manufacturing output is necessary especially after partnering with companies such as international office supplier Staples and computer giant Hewlett Packard, we have to keep a close eye on quality because that is priority #1! After running Q.A. tests on our output we are proud to announce that we have doubled the capacity for our US market and increased our European market capacity by 30% without decreasing our quality.

We are a manufacturing company working with a newly democratized technology, which means making key decisions regarding our facilities and processes have to be justifiable and well executed. That’s why when we noticed that our delivery times were in an undesirable range we made the decision to boost our printing capacity by changing a few internal & external processes as well as acquiring more 3D printers!

Passing the competition thanks to our quality

What do you use Sculpteo’s services for? Are you offering customized products to your customers and need our platform to help you do it? Or maybe you use Sculpteo’s service to produce small batches of frequently changing inventory? Whatever your reason for working with us, we truly believe that our quality should meet your expectations.


Did you know that the perceived value of your product (how much someone will pay) is directly linked to the aesthetics and quality of your product? This is why in the photos above we are all more likely to purchase the green object over the blue (guess which color Sculpteo printed). The print quality of the green object is far superior to that of the blue and when it comes to displaying and/or pricing your products quality counts. Test our quality for yourself! As your manufacturer we created several tools that will give you an idea of the quality you’ll receive, the review tools include: the Thickening, Solidity Check, and Cut Away tools. With these tools you’ll be able to correct problem areas in your file without using software external to the Sculpteo site. Want to get the best “bang for your buck”? You’ll be interested in our optimization tools: Hollowing and Batch Control will save you money every time you use them.

Do you want to know what your object will look like before you receive it? Of course you do

Sculpteo is the only 3D printing company that allows you to download a PDF with a high quality render of what you can expect to receive, thanks to our Final Proof Tool. We stand behind our quality, it is important to us that we meet and exceed your expectations that’s why we provide you with the tools you need to be successful.

final proof photo


Are you a daredevil that likes to take risks? If that’s you, there are ways to ignore our advise and “print it anyway”


We’re nearing 1 month after the release of our flexible plastic material (thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU)

Last month you probably saw the news articles on TPU our newest material, it is an oil resistant, lighweight, and flexible material. When you compound the technology of 3D printing with a flexible material the products that can be created surpass that of traditional manufacturing. For example, objects with interlocking parts remain one of the strongest cases in favor of 3D printing. Whether you’re creating hinges for an enclosure to house a Raspberry Pi, or if you’re creating a series of interlocked gears for a robot or drone 3D printing is the answer. At Sculpteo we’ve enhanced the technology adding very high quality flexible plastic to our list of offered materials, this allows for shock absolution, it’s porous yet oil resistant, and adds an element of elasticity, and resilience to product designs. This material is the most flexible available on the market, and we are very proud of that fact! For a more technical breakdown of our Shore flexibility levels compared to other services, visit our dedicated TPU page.



Test our quality for yourself



Don’t choose whether to have quality or quantity, these companies didn’t and you shouldn’t either: eBay, Massachusetts Institute of Tech (MIT), Autodesk, Dassault Systems, Staples, Hewlett Packard, AudioQuest (click to see testimonials).


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