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We want to thank you for your loyalty

Posted By Claire Chabaud on Mar 23, 2016 | 0 comments

Thank you. A common word, yet we don’t say it enough to tell you how grateful we are for your loyalty and support. More than a simple word, we want to show you that we are proud to gain your confidence. It’s the reason why we are launching our brand new Loyalty program.


This program falls within our approach to know you better in order to deliver you the higher-quality service possible. Indeed, lately, we took different actions to understand better how to improve ourselves:

– We launched the State of 3D printing survey to analyze the uses of 3D printing in different industrial sectors. It helps us to understand what your business uses are and on which aspects we should focus more. This year’s edition is not released yet and you can still participate. If you want to have a look at last year’s report, you can download it for free.

– In the same way, we implemented Ekomi, a rating system to get more of your feedback. and make sure that you can trust other users when they describe their experience with our service. These actions are important to us because we want to create a service tailored to your business needs.The happier you are with our service, the happiest we are. 

Our Loyalty program completes them. We are now rewarding your trust with a financial benefit when you order with our online 3D printing service. Based on the frequency of your orders and the amount you spent, our Loyalty program rewards you with different options.

  • – Free shipping for placing 4 orders in the last 100 days
    – 8% discount, 6 orders 200 days total 600
    – 12% discount, 6 orders 200 days total 6000

This Loyalty program has been conceived to start right away after your first order, so you can quickly access to the first discount level.  We want to be the online 3D printing factory of your business and we hope this Loyalty program will help us to become your additive manufacturing partner.

However, we know that it takes time and trust to build this business relationship. That’s why and how we thought the loyalty program: evolving like our collaboration, in the length of time and with confidence.

It’s a way for us to commit to deliver the best possible quality of service.

So, are you ready to get your first reduction coupon?


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