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Our 3D printing service for professionals

Posted By Claire Chabaud on Apr 13, 2016 | 0 comments

When using a 3D printing service, the needs of a professional user are different in many ways from an individual user’s. In order to be used as part of the industrial process, the 3D printing service needs to consider professional issues as economies of scale, last minute change, production of series or the importance to meet deadlines. It’s the reason why at Sculpteo’s we are focussing on developing tools to guarantee reliability and efficiency of our 3D printing service for professionals. Do you want to know how we can improve your business experience with 3D printing? Then, this article will show you how to make the most of our service.



  • A dedicated 3D printing service for professionals


We created a version of our website exclusively for professionals : pro.sculpteo.com.

By signing up on this website, you will access many tools and options, as payment options, modeling service, white label especially made for you.



  •  Planning and optimize your part production


Units < 20 >20
Economy Plan up to -30%
Batch control Up to – 80% of the initial cost


Economy Plan 

Sometimes fast is not the only way to go, and you might have enough leeway to get your part one week later if it allows you to save up to 30% on your print. That’s why under 20 units we offer you the possibility to delay the delivery of your part and get a reduction up to 30%.

Economy plan

Batch Control 

When you need to produce more than 20 units of a part in the same material, the Batch control tools allow you to organize yourself or automatically your parts placement in our batch. This tool optimizes the space and time of printing to decrease the final price of your series. It is designed to make 3D printing a viable alternative to traditional production techniques and to economies of scale with the possibility to decrease the price while the number of units increase.

Batch Control2
Batch control 20 units



  • Optimize your part


Professional Modeling Service

During the different projects we worked on, such as the Virus Project, the faux-fur skirt, the Sculpteo’s drone or La Merveille of the Mont Saint-Michel, we had the chance to met very talented 3D designers that we trust. If you have a project idea but need to find a designer to model it, please contact us. We will be pleased to help you materialize your idea.

Hollowing tool 

Optimizing your part design to reduce its cost is a tricky exercise. You will only get a quote of your design once you’ll have uploaded it on the 3D printing service’s website. So if the price doesn’t match your expectation, you have to change your design again on a CAD software. Which can considerably increase the time you take to order your part depending on your 3D modeling skills.

Then, we thought to design the hollowing tool to smooth your experience. Once your design is uploaded you can hollow it automatically with our algorithm and get directly an estimated price of you hollowed part. An easy way to optimize online your design.

sculpteo 3D printing service for professionals hollowing tool

3D printing service for professionals


  • Building a professional relationship based on trust and reliability


Express Production


3D printing is a fast production technology, it’s true. Nevertheless, if you lost in the delivery part the time you saved in the production process, then the speed of 3D printing is not relevant anymore. It’s the reason why we created the Express Production, to reduce the most possible the delivery time and enhance the fast quality of additive manufacturing. As our CEO, Clément Moreau sympathizes :

We’ve all been there, your distributor wants the prototype right now, your customer needs to see the new features on the new model before placing an order, or you just ran out of time. Help is here.”

 Our Express Production option guarantees that your item will be shipped within 48 hours or ordering. If it’s not, you’ll get your money back.  Not just the shipping cost but the cost of your printing itself.



Express shipping

Loyalty program

To build a trustful business relationship, we created the loyalty program, based on the frequency and a number of your orders, to offer you a financial benefit when you order on Sculpteo’s. The discount you’ll get will be available on your next order.


3 6 15
<100 days Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping
<200 days 12% Discount 12 % Discount
< a year 16 % Discount


White label : Integrate our API to your website for free

With our cloud engine based solution, you can embed a 3D printing business into any website. Our platform and tools will be directly integrated with your customized branding on your website. The orders will be transferred to our service and we will deliver the 3D printed parts under your name. If you want to have an idea of how this looks and works, have a look to our partner Staples on its website. Your visitors will always stay on your website, and there are no set-up nor front costs !

API staples

Payment options 

To make the payment process the most convenient possible for you, we diversified our payment options. You can pay your order with :

  1. Paypal
  2. Credit Card
  3. Bank transfer
  4. Cheque
  5. Sculpteo Credit
  6. Pre-payed coupon
  7. Invoice if your application is accepted.


Our 3D printing service for professionals is taylored for your needs. If you have any questions about it, feel free to contact us, we will be please to help you find the best way to realize your projects.



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