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Our top 10 of 3D printing projects you can try!

Posted By Claire Chabaud on Apr 27, 2016 | 0 comments

One very exciting side of 3D printing is the possibility to involve yourself in a project and proudly say ” I made it myself”. Nevertheless, while some projects are quite easy to make but help you create the perfect tool you need, other 3D printing projects imply more time and energy, but they are also the most impressive. That’s the reason why we gathered for you 10 3D printing projects to create surprising, design and useful objects that you will be proud of.


1. 3D printing project:  A working 5 speeds transmission model

Eric Harell is an engineer who created a lot of 3D models on gears and automotive parts. He mainly models his parts on Solidworks. The assembly of the model will take on average 10 hours, which is quite a lot but the result looks amazing ! A nice project to involved yourself in!

2.3D printing project: Hand Prothesis by E-Nable

E-nable is a Global Network Of Passionate Volunteers Using 3D Printing To Give The World A “Helping Hand.” They created an open-source 3D file to let anyone print a Hand prosthesis. An interesting project to get involved to make the difference and help the community!

3. 3D printing project: Create your own Poppy Robot !

Poppy is the open-source 3D printable robot. With 3D printing and the hardware advice of the poppy project, your can create your own fully customized robot ! The 3D files of the robot are all available online, and you can shape them to a specific purpose of the robot. The assembly of this project can take less or more time whether you need it quickly for a specific purpose or you just want to take the time to enhance your model. But you can expect to build it in a week or many months.

4. 3D printing project: Chess Piece Models

Article 3D printed chess


Whether you want to make a design chess set to decorate or to play, with this project you will be able to 3D print a full one. Then, up to you to print it with a resin or polyamide material if you want to paint it after to decorate your set.

5. 3D printing project: A very design World Clock 


Article 3D printed world clock


This clock is a fancy design project. It changes time zones according to where on the map strip you press. The designer, Markus  did this for his Advanced Prototyping class at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He uses both laser cutting for the glass, and 3D printing for the body part!

6. 3D printing project: Corset, By Samuel N. Bernier

Samuel N. Bernier is one of the top designers of the moment. His projects are very diversified from a bike for children to a piece of lingerie. He designed this corset from a 3D scan of his wife. This part is one of its kinds. It won’t perfectly fit another woman body, but it worth give it a try or made your own with a 3D scan of your body.

7. 3D printing project: Handmade camera lens

This camera lens was made by laser-cutting and 3D printing. It can be attached to various cameras and has a very surprising vintage effect  for photography. Of course, it’s not comparable to a professional camera lens, but it worth a try if you ae an artist seeking for new photography style. On this website, you’ll get a snapshot of the kind of pictures you can get with it.


8. 3D printing project: A compact Camera Tripod foldable 

article 3D printed compact camera tripod


Tripods are often a real problem when you love to take pictures; either they are not very handy or  expensive. Wanted to overcome this lack of offer, the Austrian engineer Andrew ( or Kernell770 for those in the know) has created a handy, foldable and affordable tripod. A must try.

9. 3D printing project: A rigid Heddle Loom



article Heddle loom


Yes, you did read it right. A Heddle loom is often costly and difficult to find. Then this unusual project might be the solution to your problem if you are looking for one! It takes a little assembly to get your final heddle loom, and even if you already have an old one you can mix the parts to create a brand-new one.

10. 3D printing project: A Micro 105 FPV Quadcopter 

Drones are one of the main use for 3D printing. The technology creates customizable and high-quality parts well-suited for a drone. Then why won’t you get your own 3D printed drone ? ED Tumbush’s project has the advantage to be very affordable, light and not too demanding in software skill. An interesting project to give a try to drones !



If you need any help with your project, please feel free to contact us, and if you want to share with us one of your projects, please leave a comment! We would be delighted to see what you are working on.

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