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Introducing the Smoothing Beautifier: a new standard for high-quality 3D printed parts

Posted By Sculpteo on May 17, 2016 | 0 comments

After a long period of research, the Sculpteo team has developed a brand new patent pending process to smooth laser sintered plastics. You can get prototypes that look like the finished product and small series that truly have a high-quality surface finish. We’re super excited to introduce our latest finishing option: the Smoothing Beautifier!

Many of you have given us feedback on the quality surface of the laser sintered parts. This technology and this material offer many well-know advantages such as strength, topological accuracy, interlocking part freedom…. But the granular matte surface is sometimes a real problem when the main purpose of your 3D print is esthetical (for instance when you’re 3D printing a proof of concept or a prototype). Because of this statement, the Sculpteo R&D team has developed a secret brand new process to create surfaces that look like they were injected. It’s patent-pending and it’s called the Smoothing Beautifier and it’s available on Sculpteo website today!

We cannot wait to share with you the results so take a look at the smooth surface of this egg:



3D printed egg with smoothing beautifier


or the lego-like look and feel of this enclosure:

3D printed enclosure with the smoothing beautifier


Or the result we got for this candle design (looks like it’s melting right?)
3D printed smoothed candle


The Smoothing Beautifier process is now qualified for our parts in PA12 (PA2200) in white and will soon be released for colored 3D-printed parts.
The maximal dimensions are
140x120x90 mm and the Smoothing Beautifier process adds three business days to the turnaround time on your white plastic parts. It means:

  • Express Production: not available
  • Normal production: at minimum 7 business days
  • Economy Production: not available

For now, this new finish is available through a Beta Program. It means that you’ll need to subscribe to the program by explaining your project. Subscribing to the program means, you’ll enter a queue of Sculpteo users who are willing to try out this new finishes. The first subscribers will be to the first to be receive their parts finished with our Smoothing Beautifier. If you want more details about the Smoothing Beautifier, we invite you to have a look on this page


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