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Express Production: we received an A+

Posted By Capucine Lonjon on May 25, 2016 | 0 comments

We kept our promise! We are proud to announce today, almost two months after releasing our Express Production Mode, that we delivered on time 100% of all parts.


Since the beginning of April 2016, Express Production Mode is available on our website. We made you one promise: “we’ll ship your parts in 48 hours or you’ll have your money back”. To be absolutely transparent, only one part could not be delivered on time and it is because UPS didn’t show up.

The only case where we don’t give you your money back for a delay is when we have difficulty to treat your file. To avoid this inconvenience, you can check your file, before uploading them on our website, thanks to our e-books: to prepare or fix your files for 3D Printing.


How should you process

You can add Express Production Mode option in your manufacturing toolbox. You must be aware that the option is only usable for white non-polished polyamide parts.

When preparing your order, you now can choose among different production modes : standard, express and economy. To help you prepare an order, you can refer to the last blog post on Express Production Mode, which explains in many details how you can apply this mode to your productions.


What becomes of your part once it’s uploaded?

Our teams are very well trained and are doing all their best, every day, for each of your projects to reach our engagement. Time has never been so important for our service, we are very much concerned about your internal objectives and process.

Once your project is uploaded on our website and you’ve chosen the Express Production Mode, your file goes through the production validation process. Our technicians check each file construction to be sure there is no weak zone, unstable position, multichain, contamination risk, or any other defaults. If the file is perfect and ready to be printed, it goes straight to the hands of our printing manufacturers. If the file is lacking precision or contains construction defaults, it goes through the hands of our after-sales service agents. They call you immediately to advise you and ask another file with the needed corrections. Once we have it, the part goes to the printers. The whole process lasts 24 hours, including cooling. The printers work all night long. In the morning, our technicians dust the parts which are now ready. You can either come directly and fetch it at the factory, ask a courier or a UPS.

Then, the part is yours!!

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