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First Aid Kit Upgraded Prototype Thanks to 3D Printing

Posted By Jess Hedstrom on May 25, 2016 | 0 comments

Ram Fish is the CEO of startup 19Labs in Palo Alto, CA. When he told us he was using Sculpteo’s 3D printing services to revolutionize the first aid kit, we just had to know the story behind how his startup is merging healthcare with 3D printing.

Ram Fish is the Founder/CEO of a startup that has reinvented the traditional first aid kit into the world’s first smart, portable health center. The last thing you want to do in a crisis is Google emergency instructions, and with that in mind Ram applied his years of knowledge working as an executive for Samsung and Apple and created GALE.

Having worked for Apple, Samsung and my own startups, I knows what it takes to create products that actually improve people’s lives

Ram recently spoke at the 2016 Annual Health Technology Forum (HTF) Innovation Conference held at Stanford University where he stated the target demographics for his product, the list includes but is not limited to households with children and/or seniors, hospital discharge, educational institutions, offices kitchens, and any additional places that currently have a traditional first aid kit. In addition to its internet connectivity the GALE also houses a pull out compartment that holds bandages and epipens, to heart monitors and a charging station to keep sensors ready to use.


Ram first thought about 3D printing with Sculpteo as an option to prototype his product because of the speed offered during the iteration process. This helped him to quickly iterate and make sure that he was the first on the market with his product. The second reason Ram turned to additive manufacturing is the design of the prototype. The goal of GALE is to offer easy relief in stressful situations, and because medical needs vary, it was important for the design to be customizable. In the aforementioned compartment that slides out on the front, the owner can customize the drawer to fit their needs, and 3D printing assisted with this goal as well.


At his Stanford University appearance Ram introduced attendees to GALE, by showcasing the smart portable health center’s access to live medical expertise through interactive first aid guides, supplies, and the latest health sensors. He was joined on the Alex Go, CEO and founder of LivWell, and Michael Jacobs, Senior Director of Health and Wellness at Walmart. The panel will be moderated by Dr. Sophia Chang, Chief Clinical Innovation Officer at Caremore Health Plan.



When we asked Ram how he saw the market for his product has changed over the past year, or so, he replied “Technology is enabling the adoption of smart home devices, but when it comes to the first aid kit, not only does it lag, it’s virtually a mess. GALE brings the first aid kit out of the dark ages to meet the needs of savvy parents who take a proactive approach in managing their family’s home health care. When you’re faced with a serious situation the last thing you want to do is find yourself scrambling for the right supplies or trying to use Google with a crying baby. It’s no fun. Now GALE can help.”

For my final question I had to ask where the inspiration for the name GALE came from and Ram told me this,

“Brian, who is our video producer, came up with the idea of Nightingale. We liked the sound of it – and we loved what Florence Nightingale represents, but it was too long. One of our investors, Dr Peter Fitzgerald of Stanford, heard that and suggested 19GALE. And 19Labs came out of that.”

If you’re interested in more information about the materials that Sculpteo offers or in placing your order for your prototype visit our resources page for all the answers to your questions.

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