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Are you a 3D Printing Power User?

Posted By Sculpteo on Jun 15, 2016 | 0 comments

Last week we released our annual State of 3D Printing Report, the biggest statistical survey on trends and business uses of additive manufacturing. One of the most interesting key findings is the dramatic increase in the professionalization of 3D Printing within respondent organizations. The professionals who responded to the survey are leading the shift toward additive manufacturing within their organizations, and among this group a profile of the 3D Printing Power User emerges from the data. We created this infographic to sum up their key characteristic and to provide a benchmark for your success.




Methodology and Demographics of the State of 3D Printing
The State of 3D Printing surveyed 1,000 respondents online and was opened to the general public at Sculpteo from late January to late March 2016. Respondents are from 53 different countries across Europe (55%), United States (39%), Asia (5.1%), and Africa (1%). Survey respondents work in 19 different industries, across consumer goods, industrial products, high-tech, services, entertainment and electronics. The majority of respondents identified themselves as holding the following job titles: owner/CEO (28%), engineer (23%), freelancer (13%) and designer (11%).

You can download a copy of complete report The State of 3D Printing at this adress.



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