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Additive Manufacturing Europe : what happened there ?

Posted By Capucine Lonjon on Jun 29, 2016 | 0 comments

You still have one day if you want to meet us and other additive manufacturing actors at the RAI in Amsterdam ! Tomorrow is the last chance for you to come and consider the vast opportunities that the 3D printing sector offers.


A three-day professional-oriented event

The Additive Manufacturing Europe is a business-to-business show, gathering nearly 100 exhibitors, among which 3D printing services, material resellers and 3D printers manufacturers (Prodways, Formlabs, Ultimaker, Zortrax). There is a very good emulation. As though the exhibition is oriented towards professionals, the Additive Manufacturing Europe show is a very good place to expose your projects and find proper interlocutors to develop them. It is also the opportunity for you to have a good overview of where the market is heading to.

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What can you see at our stand ?

We presented Sculpteo’s service, a 3D printing service online. Our focus was to show to what extent 3D printing can be convenient for an industrial production. We presented two client cases in this idea :

AUDIOQUEST : NightHawk, AudioQuest’s first headphone, is also the first mass-produced headphone to include a 3D-printed part in the design. With 3D printing, AudioQuest was able to create parts with a complexity unachievable through traditional manufacturing means.

– HUBLEX : this company created a Segway-like-product, and integrated 16% 3D printed parts in their final project. You can see in the Additive Manufacturing Europe Show one of the final prototypes and the 3D printed parts, printed with the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology.

We also presented the very innovative CARBON CLIP technology. As we’re only 4 services in the world offering these resins, visitors and other exhibitors were very pleased to have it in hands and admire the high level of details you can get with it.


Who can you meet at the show ?

The second day of the Additive Manufacturing show is ending, and we have met people and companies from many industries : aeronautic, automotive, bioprinting. We met creators, designers, 3D printing shops, students, architects. Many people working for industrial companies also wanted to know more about the technologies we offer and how a partnership could be possible.


What trend did we feel ?

3D printing is not only prototyping, it is also taking in production and traditional industries. A high demand is for metal printing. The Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) technology is not the only way to 3D print metal. We can feel that there is a real expectation from the companies, suppliers and customers. Once again, it’s a very good sign that additive manufacturing industry has high potential !


A worthy conference : the results of the State of 3D Printing

We made two conferences to present the results of our second edition of State of 3D Printing. People were very interested in the features we exposed and seemed to approve our argument : the additive manufacturing industry is spreading, there are more opportunities than threats.





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