The best 5 3D modeling software for Windows.

Top 5 Best 3D Modeling Softwares for 3D Printing (Windows)

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If you look for a 3D modeling software on the Internet, you will soon realize that there are tons of them.  Each one of them gives you the opportunity to answer specific needs, but you may find yourself overwhelmed by all the tools and processes you would encounter.

This is why we decided to bring you today our Top 5 Best 3D Modeling Softwares for 3D Printing. Our choices are based on their versality, and how well they can handle 3D design specifically for a future production. We also tried to cover different aspect of 3d Modeling, so that anyone can find what they are looking for with at least one of those softwares!



SketchUp is one of the most famous free 3D Modeling Softwares you can find, and is also one of the most easy to use. Intuitive and user friendly, it is highly advised to start learning how 3D modeling works with this software.

SketchUp is often used for architectural models, as it is optimal for sharp designs. But you can achieve wonderful results for a lot other projects. Indeed, thanks to the plugin system, you can bring new functionalities to your softwares, depending on your needs. For example, you can install an extension enabling you to export your designs in STL or OBJ, thus making your object printable on our platform.

You can find more information about SketchUp and precious advice for 3D modeling with this software in our SketchUp tutorial.



City design with SketchUp





Blender is a free Open-Source 3D Modeling Software, and one of the most versatile softwares you could find. From design for 3D Printing to 3D Animation, a lot of things are possible once you get through the learning curve. The huge community behind Blender ensures the permanent development of the software, and it can also bring you important tips and how to when you are facing a problem.

Again, numerous functionalities can be unlocked by installing addons. Depending on the project, you may need to look for several extensions to achieve your goals.

You can once more find more information about Blender and our team’s advice in our Blender tutorial.



Bottle modelization with Blender



SolidWorks is a well-known 3D Modeling Software, used by many companies and designers, mostly for mechanical objects. The huge panoply of tools makes it a perfect asset for engineers and designers. You will need to handle its interface and get used to work with sketches, but the results are worth it. Solidworks also provides you several options to modify the quality of your final model, whether you want to increase its defintion, or reduce its size.

You will find more information on our SolidWorks tutorial, however be careful. New functions and tools may have appeared with the most recent recent versions of SolidWorks!



Clasp design with SolidWorks



Meshmixer is a 3D Modeling Software that clearly was designed for 3D Printing objects. Its most efficient use is when you already have a 3D model available, as it enables you to repair it quickly, and to modify it to correspond to your needs. However, you can also start a design from scratch, as the software provides everything you need to create everything you need.

An entire part of Meshmixer is dedicated to 3D printing. Indeed, you can analyse your design to see if there are no fragile parts nor problems within the model. Finally, you can export a model in STL, or directly link it to our website.

Again, more information are available on our Meshmixer tutorial.



Modelisation of a candle with MeshMixer


Rhinoceros 3D


Rhinoceros is a very uncommon 3D Modeling Software. Indeed, its geometry is based on the utilization of NURBS, which enables him to produce mathematically precise curves and surfaces. In comparison, other softwares use polygons and mesh, which do not provide the same level of details.

Industrial design and architecture projects are among the projects you want to tackle with Rhinoceros, as it provides you with all the tools needed to create rapidly a prototype of your model.

You will find once more a complete explanation in our Rhinoceros tutorial.



Visualization of a cube with Rhinoceros 3D


Those are the 5 3D Modeling Softwares we advise you to look at to create a good 3D printable design. Of course, several other softwares can bring you all the tools you need to create the model of your dreams. As long as you take the time to handle all the options, the only limit you have is your creativity!

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