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Laser cutting at Sculpteo: towards the future of manufacturing

Posted By Hannah Bensoussan on Jul 12, 2016 | 0 comments

Today, we are broadening our services to include laser cutting and engraving! We are very proud to introduce you to the beta version of this new service. We hope you’ll try it, enjoy it, and give us feedback and remarks, as we can’t write this story without you.


On our way to the future of manufacturing

Over the last seven years, we’ve distinguished ourselves through the quality of the online 3D printing service we offer. We have gained your trust and satisfaction. Recently, we’ve received one request from many of you: to use our expertise to make other manufacturing methods as simple, efficient and reliable as we make 3D printing. And we’ve decided to listen: today, we broaden our services to include laser cutting and engraving.

We are doubling our workshop space and adding a direct manufacturing facility to our 3D printing factory. Our ambition: to progressively extend our online interface in order to answer to all your production needs; thus paving the way towards the future of manufacturing.


What is laser cutting and engraving?

Laser cutting is a type of digital manufacturing technique known as subtractive. It uses a large amount of energy generated by a laser, concentrated on a very small area, in order to cut or engrave a material. It allows a wide range of creative possibilities: models for architecture, movies, signs, paper, toys, boxes, cards, prototypes, or small series, etc. To learn more about the advantages of laser cutting, we invite you to visit our Services pages.

There are different types of lasers. At Sculpteo we use continuous laser cutters that can cut all types of materials with a higher speed than the pulsed laser cutters can.

At the moment, we’re offering this service in more than 60 materials and thicknesses, in 4 families:

We’ll be expanding the range as time goes on: contact us if you have a specific request.



How to create an object with laser cutting/engraving

The object is created from a 2D vector file, that you can design quite easily with a various range of software. For some guidance on how to choose your software and design a vector file for laser cutting or engraving, check out:

The vector file you’ve created will need to be exported into a format we support, the best one being SVG.

All you’ll have to do then is to upload your file onto our platform, and you’ll be able to know your object’s price and delivery time (1 to 4 days). This interactive estimate is possible thanks to the algorithm we have developed for 3D printing, and that we extend today for laser cutting and engraving.


Discover our beta laser cutting offer

We are very proud to invite you to discover our beta laser cutting and engraving offer. It will allow you to be among the first users of this new service. We’ve put all our craft into it, in order to present you with the easiest and fastest solution for laser cutting online. You’ll benefit from our experience of bringing manufacturing online and you’ll have an opportunity to shape the offering in the coming weeks, with your feedback.

Join the experience: download a file or click here to learn more.

Happy laser cutting!

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