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Discover our new Painting Colors | Portfolio

Posted By Melchior de Wargny on Aug 17, 2016 | 0 comments

You’ve created a beautiful 3D printed part? Make it colorful! We are launching today new paint options for our White Plastic, available with two different finishes. Check them out, try them out, let us know if you like them!


Add color without losing details!

Our new painting option, exclusively available for white plastic as of today, will allow you to give colors to the parts you’ve created with us. Spread on the material using a spray gun, the colors have a uniform and smooth surface and maintain every detail of the printed object. The paint layer only adds 200 microns of thickness on average.


Colors that will last

Unlike dye, paint is very durable and retains the same shade without losing intensity. Since we use a cellulose paint, there is no risk once it dries of staining clothing or your skin. This makes it suitable for all uses.

However, the paint, even though it is ideal for prototypes and exhibits, is not designed for mechanical parts, since it may wear or clear when scratched repeatedly.

What new colors are available?

Fourteen new colors have been added with each having a specific reference so you can be sure to get the one you want.

 Color  Reference
Black RAL9005
Mouse Grey RAL7005
White RAL9010
Yellow RAL1018
Red RAL3020
Blue RAL5005
Green RAL6026
Purple RAL4006
Orange RAL2009
Pink RAL4003
Beige RAL8024
 Metal Grey RAL9006
Gold 231 polychrome
Silver PB390 50 PB630 50 Alu 42024

Which finishing options are available for painted parts?

For every color, we offer two different finishes:

  • Matte : the surface is cleaned and keeps a matte appearance.
  • Glossy : your object is coated with a varnish to give it a shiny appearance and protect it from UV.

Which technical specificities should we take into account if we want a painted object?

All the required information are available on our website, on our painting process page. To learn about all the other finishes we have at Sculpteo, we recommend that you visit our page on finding the finish that suits the best your 3D print.

What do the colors look like?

An image is worth a thousand words. Enjoy our portfolio!

Painting Portfolio

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