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New laser cutting material sample kit available!

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Material Sample Kits are the best way to discover our range of laser cut materials and compare their properties. You can also understand the different types of finishes and engraving. Price, range, thickness, look… we tell you everything about this new Laser cutting material sample kit!


Every Laser cutting material in a single product…

that’s the purpose of our Laser cutting special sample kit. We have designed a functional and handy sample kit so you can have the materials in your hands. This kit will help you to compare easily and select the material that fits best for your project.

The sample kit is made of several plates that have engraved on them the main information on each material: name and thicknesses available on the website.


As you may know, 60+ combinations of materials/colors/thicknesses are available on Sculpteo website and it was difficult to have them all in a sample kit that anyone could easily handle, so we chose to provide only one thickness per material type and color.

The final Laser Cutting material sample kit is made of 29 samples plates of 40 x 40 mm + a laser cut support in the following materials:

  • natural MDF 3 mm
  • black MDF 8 mm
  • grey MDF 8 mm
  • red MDF 8 mm
  • green MDF 8 mm
  • yellow MDF 8 mm
  • light grey MDF 8 mm
  • Poplar plywood 3 mm
  • Oukoumé plywood 3 mm
  • clear PMMA (Acrylic) 3 mm
  • white opaque PMMA (Acrylic)3 mm
  • white diffuse PMMA (Acrylic) 3 mm
  • white translucent PMMA (Acrylic) 3 mm
  • black opaque PMMA (Acrylic) 3 mm
  • translucent purple PMMA (Acrylic) 3 mm
  • translucent orange PMMA (Acrylic) 3 mm
  • translucent yellow PMMA (Acrylic) 3 mm
  • translucent pink PMMA (Acrylic) 3 mm
  • translucent red PMMA (Acrylic) 3 mm
  • translucent blue PMMA (Acrylic) 3 mm
  • solid green LED PMMA (Acrylic) 3 mm
  • solid orange LED PMMA (Acrylic) 3 mm
  • solid yellow LED PMMA (Acrylic) 3 mm
  • solid pink LED PMMA (Acrylic) 3 mm
  • solid red LED PMMA (Acrylic) 3 mm
  • solid blue LED PMMA (Acrylic) 3 mm
  • Simple Corrugated Cardboard 2,8 mm
  • Double Corrugated Cardboard 6,7 mm
  • Compact grey Cardboard 2 mm
  • Natural Cellulose Cardboard 2 mm

laser cutting sample kit

The Laser cutting material sample kit costs $30 but includes a $25 credit

Just like for the 3D Printing material sample kit, you can buy this new sample product is sold at $30 (or 30€ or £30 depending the currency that you are using). The good news is that it includes a $25 credit that you can use for your project. At the end, the cost of the sample kit itself is very low and can be easily profitable!


The laser cutting material sample kit is the best to test!

There’s a lot to compare and to evaluate on the different materials and we designed the plates big enough so you can have a good idea on;

  • the strength of each material, there’s a huge variation between cardboard and MDF for instance,
  • the different types of dying for colored MDF and the vibrancy of the colored PMMA plates
  • the way light is going through the different acrylics. We offer 3 levels of opacity for white for instance and the others colored acrylics are solid or translucent. Thanks to these plates, you can get a clear idea on the rendering of your project.
  • the look of the cut slice. Depending on the material, our CO2 lasers will burn more or less the slice of the material, and that’s really important to know for many designs
  • the depth of the engraving: we offer 3 different engraving on the website (vector, light raster and deep raster). Each material plate is engraved with :
    • a Sculpteo logo (vector engraving)
    • the name of the material and the available thicknesses (deep raster engraving)

We have selected small sizes of fonts for engraving so you could have a fair idea of the detailed accuracy that we can get with our professional laser cutters.

Detail in Okoume plywood

If you would like to learn more about the different laser cutting materials, the different types of engraving or get some advice to prepare your vector file, you should definitively have a look on the laser cutting material pages.


Cannot find the laser cutting material you’re looking for?

No panic, we are almost sure to provide you the material you’re looking for. We have decided to present online the most common materials but our laser cutters are able to engrave and cut far more! If you’re looking for a specific material, the best way is to contact our sales team at and we’ll get back to you quickly with a quote.


Just follow this link to order the sample kit and get it in your hands in a couple of days!

Don’t hesitate to share your comments on this kit and tell us more about your laser cutting projects, we will be thrilled to feature them in this blog!

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