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Top 18 YouTube Channels for 3D Printing and Tech Enthusiasts

Posted By Hannah Bensoussan on Nov 2, 2016 | 0 comments

It’s often easier to learn with a video than with text. That’s why YouTube is a fantastic tool. To help you find out information about the tech industry without getting lost in the constant flow of images that is YouTube, we combined a top 18 of the best YouTube channels for tech enthusiasts. And, throughout the article are interesting videos these channels made about 3D printing. Find news of the tech industry, 3D printing specific content and scientific educational youtube channels, so you can be a more enlightened dweller of the tech world!


Tech-specific YouTube Channels


1. The Verge

The Verge focus on high-tech, product reviews and editorials to inform the technological sphere. Their “little thing” is the weekly podcast about various subjects on new technologies which allows people to interact with both hosts and guests. Their Youtube channel counts 1.2 millions subscribers and is one of the most interesting sources of news for the tech world.

A video about Laika studios using (among other technologies) 3D printing for their movie Kubo and the two strings:


2. Eli the Computer Guy

With a more worker-oriented editorial policy, Eli presents himself as the person you have to follow to “keep your CEO happy“. Daily podcasts, blog articles interviews and introductions to tech concepts are the blend of this productive Youtube channel which gathers 700 000 subscribers.


3. LinusTechTips

Linus Tech Tips, under the guidance of Linus himself, uses unboxing to give quick informative videos about the lastest technology. They also give tutorials and reviews, and have gathered, since their creation in 2008, more than 3.2 million subscribers, and 805 million views.

A video about the 3D printer Ultimaker 2:


4. Google Tech Talks

On this channel, you’ll find mostly long (around 50 minutes), in-depth talks by personalities of the tech world, organised by Google. Their topics go from Current Affairs, Science, Medicine, Engineering, Business to Humanities, Law, Entertainment, and the Arts. They have more than 200 thousand subscribers and 42 million views.

Learn about 3D modeling for 3D printing, with this talk:



3D Printing and 3D Design Specific YouTube Channels


5 to 7. The Channel of your CAD software

CAD software companies often have their own YouTube channels, on which you’ll find tutorials to design your next 3D object. For example: AutoCAD (45K subscribers, 8 million views), Solidworks (71K subscribers, 10 million views), Sketchup (172K subscribers, 16 million views).

To learn more, see our Solidworks tutorial here!


8. Sculpteo’s YouTube Channel

Our main medium is writing, and our main platforms are our website (for content about our materials, about digital manufacturing, 2D and 3D design tutorials, and free ebooks) and our blog (for articles about our services and the latest news and trends in digital manufacturing). But we also have a YouTube channel, in which you’ll find interviews, tutorials, and videos about our latest services – like the one we recently made about our new online laser cutting service:


10 to 13. Makers YouTube Channels

Many makers have YouTube channels in which they showcase their creations, talk about 3D printing technologies, and give tutorials. To give a few examples:

  • XRobots by James Burton: his main focus is on Sci Fi props, but if that’s not your thing, it’s always interesting to check out, just to see what’s possible with 3D printing, and get inspired. (377K subscribers, 94 million views)
  • Thomas Sanladerer will give you tips, tutorials and reviews about 3D printing. (42K subscribers, 3 million views)
  • MakeAnything has a smaller audience for now (16K subscribers, 3 million views), but nonetheless gives high-quality 3D printing content, going from the idea to the product, with every step in between: sketch, CAD design, prototype and iteration.
  • I Like To Make Stuff: In the style of old startups, Bob is showing us directly from his garage all the stuff he can do. From woodworking to 3D printing, he explains the techniques of DIY, home improvements and programming. His channel counts nearly 1 million subscribers following his weekly videos and twitch streamings. (929K subscribers, 47 million views)

MakeAnything’s Solidworks tutorials:


Scientific Educational YouTube Channels


14. MinutePhysics

Have you ever dreamed of understanding the secrets of science and physics in a couple of minutes? The Youtube channel MinutePhysics has taken up the challenge and succeeded with more than 3 billion subscribers following the minute course given by Henry Reich. Since 2011, he has provided 186 video courses with sometimes famous guests such as Neil deGrasse Tyson. MinutePhysics is now international with Spanish and French versions of the concept.



Same concept, with a slightly smaller audience (5 million subscribers, 653 million views), AsapScience publishes weekly short videos about scientific matters.


16. VSauce

VSauce is another science vulgarization channel, that explains complex topics simply, but in longer videos than MinutePhysics does, videos lasting around 10-20 minutes. (11 million subscribers, 1 billion views)


17 & 18. CrashCourse and SciShow

My personal favorites: CrashCourse (5 million subscribers, 474 million views) and SciShow (3 million subscribers, 551 million views), both created by the very Youtube-Famous founders of Nerdfighteria, the Vlogbrothers, are not specifically Tech industry channels, but they are science educational channel. SciShow, and the CrashCourse playlists about  Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Economy can very well help you become a more enlighten actor of the tech world.  



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